Poll: Which car should I rent?

  • Range Rover Sport, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes Benz GL450 or similar - $1,677
  • BMW X3 or similar - $1,190
  • Maserati Ghibli or similar - $1,602
  • Chevy Corvette or similar - $1,803

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I will be going on vacation to the west coast for 2 weeks and picking up a rental car from LAX and saw they had some pretty good deals on some nice cars. I have never really looked into luxury/performance cars since I can’t really afford to buy or lease one so I thought this would be a great time to try something exciting. Which one do you think would be the most fun to drive? As you can see I like both SUV and coupe

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Poor X3 gettin no love :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will say that in my experience, even getting a ‘fancier’ car for a rental - means you still end up with the bog standard base model version.

So I went for the 'Vette - at least that is somewhat different from the rest.

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Hertz LAX has a 911 and several AMG C63. Dream cars may have mileage restrictions/caps.

Are these prices for a week rental?

are there any better options or that all they have? “Similar” isn’t descript enough for me :laughing:

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maybe they have a Malibu for $350.


Get the insurance


Wired: Maserati Ghibli or Similar

Tired: Attendant hands you Altima keys


The Ghibli is guaranteed to get you looks from people who want to know what kind of a dildo would drive a car that sounds like that.

It’s one of the few cars I’ve been embarrassed to be riding in, and it also falls apart when you look at it.


What, you don’t like driving a glorified badged lawn mower? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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More of a glorified badged lawn dart for the Chinese market and people who want depreciated FCA products.

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Will you do be doing a lot of road trips? Is it just you or will you in in a group? Do you want comfortable or sporty? Do you mind having something that will get lots of looks, or do you want something a bit more subtle?

Not if you upgrade at the desk from a normie car last I know.

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I don’t believe that is always the case. Last year I rented a muscle car in FLL with Hertz and ended up with a Camaro 2SS… It had leather, sunroof, everything. Only had a couple thousand miles on it too so pretty much brand new. Even when I have rented the cheapest cars usually they are one trim up from the base trim.

I just checked and no AMG or 911 at hertz. There is a 911 at enterprise but it is almost $9k lmao I am going with enterprise and confirmed all of these cars have unlimited miles.

It is the total price for 13 days everything included. Some were actually a little cheaper if I do 14 days or some were like $5 more.

These are just the ones I would consider. Pretty much all cars were between $1200-$1800 the only one more expensive was an escalade for $2150. They have a ton of american muscles, bmw 3 series, 5 series, Audi q3, escalades, etc but wasn’t really interested in them.

I guess my policy covers rental cars too, I will just have to check what the limits are and what exactly is covered.

I never knew that or thought of it that way. I have just seen their exterior and always thought they looked cool, but after watching a YouTube video on it now I kind of agree. Seems pretty cheaply made especially the interior and I guess it is loud but not fast. (I am guessing that is what you mean about the sound lol)

Thank you for this, it really helped me make the decision! Yes I will be driving quite a lot I think. I had not thought about the cargo space. It will be just me but after doing some research it does not seem like my luggage would fit in a corvette lol I think any of the other cars would have been fine but trisms post made me not want the Ghibli and the x3 seems too small plus not many people voted it and it seems pretty cheap so I ended up going with the Range Rover/cayenne/gl450. Seems like they have the cargo space but also they’ve got some power and would be fun to drive. They are leasing for around $1k too so my deal seems pretty good to rent it for 2 weeks and put as many miles on it as I want!

Thank you everyone for your responses! Now I know a little bit more about those cars and people’s opinions on them :slight_smile:

Let us know which you get and how it works out! When partner and I took a road trip a few yrs ago, we had reserved a non-luxury compact SUV, but all they had was a Lincoln Navigator (!!!). Very weird, totally wasteful for only 2 people w/o a lot of luggage, but a lot of fun (in its own strange way), and it was nice to try out something I’d never drive on a daily basis otherwise.

Have you thought about renting from Silvercar? The Audi A4 Q5 Q7 are options as well great gas mileage just a thought.:sweat_smile:

I’ve had great experiences with silvercar in the past, but their consolidation into only a limited number of audi dealers makes them much more difficult to use.

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Do you have luggage? How much time are you planning on being in your rental car?
You should just rent a nice roomy vehicle for the trip. For example, at LAX it’s pretty easy to get a GMC Denali. Then, get a Corvette or an Exotic for a day trip during your 2-week vacation.

Enjoy your vacation!

It’s such a good idea, with a larger dealer network that is. Some Toyota stores do the same thing.