Polestar Maynia

Is the Costco promotion ongoing, on a rolling basis? We just renewed our Costco membership today after it being dormant for at least a year.

Hoping we can complete the Polestar deal maybe in June if we’re members by end of May (which we are now).

We’ll try to register for the Costco Auto Program in the meantime.

**To qualify for the Polestar Limited-Time Special, you must: (1) be a current Costco member on or before April 30, 2024;

But You are good. Your original membership started before April 30th 2024.
I would not wait until end of June. They are selling out quickly.

I just confirmed we’re good with Costco and was able to print out the promo certificate. :+1:

Now to finalize Pilot or Plus along with colors. We’re already familiar with the car as we’ve rented it twice; just a matter of what’s available.

I’m 6’3” and had one for 3 years. It’s a great car, but it’s tight and no one could sit behind me for long. It was roomier than my old E90 though. And way faster.

test drove it last weekend. as much as I like the car, it is tight and maybe even smaller than my 1992 Civic. didn’t get the WAF…

Anyone have experience with servicing these? Closest dealer is 400 miles away, but was tempted to still grab one due to the price. I did call my local Volvo dealer who said they wouldn’t do any warranty work on it.

Not that its “the bible” but JD power usually rates polestar near the bottom as one of the most problematic brands. I wouldn’t want to be 400 miles away from service, that’s a disaster.

I like how Polestar dealers talk out of both ends of their mouths in that they are not a direct to consumer brand like Tesla because dealerships advocate for consumers etc but simultaneously pretend that Polestar sets the prices and they can’t discount at all.

yeah, Boston dealer talks about how they can’t violate their dealer agreement with a discount while other stores crush it with discounts.


It’s entirely possible these stores are violating their dealer agreement and polestar is overlooking/not enforcing it because they need the numbers. I’ve seen it with other brands. For a risk averse dealer, I can see them not wanting to do that


My local dealer said at this point they’re getting 30 to 40 orders a day so discounting is pretty much unnecessary


Lol, 40 a day? Polestar delivered 7,200 cars worldwide in Q1. This dealer is doing half of Polestar’s total worldwide volume?

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Frankly not a bad lease deal ( Costco will bring signup to $810). 27/10k.

Monthly payment

$406 /month

Due at signing


Hard to say since an order is just a refundable deposit to take a car, not an actual unit sitting on the lot. This forum alone seemingly liquidated all of Lucids inventory so anything is possible. Maybe @nyclife or @aronchi can shed light on the volumes they are clearing in the tri-state?

And also show you their tax returns lol


Concur with this comment. Sat in Polestar 2 and was so cramped I got out in 30 seconds. Not even interested in test driving.

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Hey y’all,

New user and supporter here interested in the Polestar deal. The Rate Finder calculator is not working for the Polestar 2. Does Edmunds or anywhere else have the other information (MF, program info)?

Apologies if this info was given already. Trying to construct what a potential deal would look like. Thanks