Polestar 6 for $200,000

Only $25,000 gets you a reservation for 2026 :slight_smile:

Seize the opportunity to own a highly exclusive Polestar 6 LA Concept edition. Reserve a build slot for one of the first 500 electric roadsters that will be produced. The indicative price of the final car is $200,000.

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6? Shoot they haven’t even made the 3 in between.


They have announced them though

3 is the performance SUV, 4 is the coupe version of the performance SUV, and 5 is the precept sedan


Can we GOFUNDME for bear to get a reservation?


Looks nice. I want to see the Fisker Ronin though, which will be a 4 door convertible GT car.

I won’t fit in it :neutral_face:

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This car looks pretty awesome. While expensive, it’s not out of line with comparable sports cars from Porsche, and less than a Ferrari or other exotic. And the $25k is fully refundable. So, kind of like a no-interest savings account.

He fits just fine, so you should too



That’s not a Volvo


Looks nice, but the specs are not that great. Too bad its a limited car. vaporware tesla roadster vs 4 more years of waiting on this sucker. Tough call.

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Don’t forget the $25k Reservation fee

still waiting on a reasonably priced electric sportscar

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define ‘Reasonably’

under 6 figures lol at least

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Corvette E-Ray hybrid. ???

They will make a good margin on that thing.

If your order today, you get the $7500 tax credit. Imagine trying to claim that in 4 years.

I don’t see how you get a VIN on Concept Cars…so no $7500.
And that $7500 needs to be claimed by 12/31/22

There’s nothing in the transition rule that says a VIN is required, nor do you have to claim by 12/31/22

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I’ll review it again, I was thinking of the get your order in before signing rule. but you still can’t get the old $7500 from something that doesn’t exist yet right?