PNW - Potential BMW i3 Deals - WA

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All, it seems that WA has a ton of incentives available on all of the i3 trims. $7500 lease credit, $3000 WA incentive, and $3000 loyalty. We also had UD events recently in PDX and SEA, so some may have OL codes.

I put together a sample calculation as proof of concept assuming a relatively attainable 9% discount, loyalty (but no OL), buy rate MF, waived acquisition fee, and max MSD. Also contains an assumption for Seattle tax and registration with RTA and EV surcharge. My guess is discounts will drop as inventory drops.

This is NOT an offer but rather an example target to work towards.

Happy hacking!

2019 BMW i3 REx with Tech


Should get below $200 with the base i3…interesting.

Great find, thank you @28firefighter. Will definitely look into this as I have both OL and grad on top of loyalty.
Recently moved to the area and numbers are shocking. Dealers don’t even bother to do a follow up.

Does loyalty apply when purchase? Asking because I believe BMW offers $11,000 ($1,000 more now) to almost any company or HR company. Might just buy out right then drive 2-3 years.

Yes I believe so, though requires you to finance or lease through BMWFS, I believe.

Thanks! Yeah sure, to qualify for the $11,000 you have to use BMWFS as well.
Sounds like lots of potential deals right there

The depreciation hit on these is strong. I’d take 13,500+ in incentives on a lease any day and let BMW bear the burden of depreciation.

I agree. The '16s are worth $15k-$16k, assuming drive out at ~ $25k for a brand new one, and if the 19 bears the same depreciation, that’s more than ~$250/mo for 36 months. Looks like it’s still better off leasing them in long terms.

However just took a quick look on the price of used '18s, it seems you may have equity selling the car after 1 year. But technically this is against the tax credit law though.

Big time!

The last i3 lease I turned in in April had $15K in negative equity on it.:flushed:. Any of the previous ones I had were in the same range as well.

Sale prices of 18’s will have little to do with trade-in values and potential positive equity.

Is RV or incentives any different without REX?
Looking at one with deep discount (talking 13%)
Need it for a 20mile commute. So no REx is ok.

Nope. I don’t think so. 36 month residual is 58% and 64% residual for 24. Would love to know where in the PNW they’re discounting 13%! Must be Portland.

Nope. Talking to midwest. They are saying loyalty included so more like 8.5%. Not worth the shipping. Will see where it goes.

Dealer can’t find WA $3000 rebate and asked for a link (agreed to good discount before I mentioned WA) Considering it does not show on BMW website how should I direct him?

It may not be available to dealers outside the PNW. I don’t have a link - it’s listed on autobytel which is not a definitive source, but two dealers I spoke to up here said it was a thing.

I don’t think they put that kind of restriction. But looks like they can’t see that cash back. Will report what I find.
In the meantime if anybody has a confirmation on this please share.

Incentives can and do vary by region that a dealer is a part of, and the regional incentives a dealer has available are what drive what they can provide.

It is entirely possible that it is not available for a dealer in the midwest to find.

Theoretically possible although I believe these only depend on registration zip. Otherwise you would see a lot of registration zip dealer zip combinations showing up on Edmunds.

Also dealers in other regions will push against that as it will be $3000 free money to PNW dealers.

Incentives for BMW are based on dealer zip code, not registration zip code.