Plz Rate this deal Jaguar xe 25t 2017

MSRP / Sticker Price $40545
Selling price $37410
money factor .00014
residual 60%
Cap Cost $36649
33 months / 10k miles per year
$350 per month with $2637 total due at delivery after $1000 cust cash rebate is applied as cap cost reduction.

Pass on the deal. Get an … wait for it … A6 instead :slight_smile:

Open to get an A6…Do you have anything?

I checked the inventory at the 10 Audi dealerships that I own but we just sold out :slight_smile:

Just kidding, I am pretty sure you can get it if you search this forum :slight_smile:

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If you’re settled on the XE… there’s been some “killer” deals on loaners. $240-$280… I think.

Thanks! Any particular dealership? Please PM the details.
Also, with the current numbers they mentioned, where all can I bring them down?

Here’s a quick search: jaguar xe

As @vhooloo mentioned… you should utilize the search function as there is a wealth of useful information.

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