Pls help evaluate MB GLC 350e lease quote- SIGNED!


Please help evaluate the lease quote on 2019 GLC 350e, loaner vehicle with about 2500 miles on it.

MSRP: 59275
Residual: 36/10: 55% = 32601
Selling price: 44500 (25% off) (incentives: fleet: 2500, federal: 4460)
MF: 0.00100, after 10 MSDs: 0.00030
DAS: 550 plus 10 MSDs
Monthly payment: 417 (including 8% tax)

Dealer is willing to add the 3 year service plan while keeping the same numbers. (Worth- $1110). I did not ask for the 2 service plan since it is a loaner and I may need the 3rd service it I use all 30,000 miles.

Does anyone know what the deal is with MB Rising Star (recent grad) discount? Is it a fixed amount incentive and would it be better to forgo the $500 additional fleet incentive and use that instead? Any input and evaluation of the deal is appreciated.


Bumping up. No one has information about the MB rising star (recent grad) discount?

Google is your friend.

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Thanks, I already googled and found several such links on dealership websites. All of them list the eligibility criteria but does not say anything about what the lease incentive (cash value) is, if any?

There is none. That is not what this program does.

Thanks for confirming that. I am having a slightly hard time understanding the leasehackr calculator numbers in the link that I posted and would really appreciate help to make sure I am understanding it correctly.

The calculator shows a monthly payment of 430 with 0 drive off, meaning 35 payments of 430 which comes to 15,050. Divided over 36 months that comes to 418/month for 36 months. Now since MBFS is waiving off the first payment, my total payments should be 418 times 35 (14,6231). Is that correct?

@Calvin.MB am I calculating this correctly?

Sounds about right.

Thanks a lot!

Signed today!!

Final price: 427/month for 35 months, 1st payment waiver by MBFS. Paid 4500$ in MSDs at signing, nothing else.
MSRP: 59275 plus 3 yr maintenance plan worth 1110$ = 60385
Selling price: 44302 (25.3% off)+ 1110 = 45,412
Residual- 55% = 33211.75
MF: 0.00100, after 10 MSDs= 0.00030
Tax at 8%
This was a demo with 2700 miles. Returned a C300 and MBFS waived off the last 3 remaining payment and disposition fee of $595.

Here are the final numbers: