Please review this BMW I3 2018 REX deal


A real Novice here. Please can you review this deal

Washington state
Bmw I3 2018 with range extender
24 Months.
$7500 cash down and 298 a month
10,000 miles
MRSP $49845.00
? state vs dealer rebate of 7500
Selling price … 47445.00
State fees. 643.
Should get costco rebate of 10000 (Not included)


Very little discount, I can guarantee it’s a marked up MF even though you haven’t provided it, and you aren’t leveraging as many rebates as you could be.

That said:

(1) You won’t get a hackr deal in the Seattle area (which I assume is where you are based on the registration fees).

(2) Never put that much money down (or any money down) on a lease. If the car is totaled, you lose it. At most, pay first month and registration.

(3) Push for more discount - I wouldn’t take less than 10% on a new car at this point, though my understanding is i3 inventory is scarce, so you may not be able to.

(4) Make sure you get Costco and try to get an OL code as well. Also, if you qualify for the recent grad, make sure you nab that too. All free money.

(5) Make sure they give you buy rate on the MF - this is probably marked up to the max. Buy rate is .00166.

Good luck.


Thanks 28firefighter. really helpful !
will keep go back to the drawing board


Average $610 a month for $49k i3. It’s probably the worst deal I’ve seen.


Wow… Thank goodness for this site


He says the MF is 0.00186 !


Is this a typo? You’re in for a rude awakening if you really think that’s true.


Sorry meant Costco discount according to website?


Costco discount is an extra $500, not $10k.


$10k Costco discount in SoCal if you buy. $500 if leased.


Are you leasing or buying?


Will be leasing for 24 months


I see!! Maybe I should buy instead


I heard they decided to end the Costco discount earlier than expected, effective in September. I was still able to get a code for it, but has anyone been able to actually apply the Costco discount? Thank you.


Got a lease deal yesterday through Pacific BMW. I am in CA. No more costco auto program deal. But you can add fleet rebate if you are eligible, would be same $10000 rebate ($7500 tax + $2000 loyalty + $ 500 fleet).


Hi coweyes298, Would you mind sharing details of your deal please? I’m in LA too looking for a REx deal. Thank you.


Shared in other board (share deals & tips) already. Take a look over there.


How long do you want to lease? I have a 2017 BMW i3 rex that I was commuting in, but decided to retire early, so I really don’t need the car anymore. Lease is up 11/25/19, 30K miles allowed, with only 8K logged so far. $338/month. It’s a beautiful Protonic Blue, and only driven by a “little old lady”…ME!
I’m in Seattle…