Please Review my Lease 2016 BMW X1

I came across this forum and would like someone to review my lease for past car. I already have this car I just want to see how I did with lease. Thanks.


If any numbers are not clear let me know.

I have said it before and will say it again, asking how you did after your deal is done is no bueno. Any criticism will stick with you much longer than anyone saying great job. The time to ask is before you sign not after. Enjoy you car.

But since you asked,

Yeah that’s hard to read, but to sum up 478/mo with a cap cost reduction of 1800 with an msrp of 42 and change? Um not good.

MSRP - 42845
Agreed Value of Car - 39526.55
?? Excess - 750
Gross Capitalized Cost - 40376.55
Cap Cost Reduction - 1885.27 (1,000 is rebate for college)
Adjusted Cap Cost 38491.28
Residual - 60% MF Think it was 0.00137

3400 Trade in allowance
Amount Due was 5202.50 I found this strange that what was due was part of the rebate + 802.50 cash.

I will take criticism. No worries. But I prefer to take it and learn from errors :slight_smile:

Was the 3400 not part of the deal, they gave you cash?

3400 was part of my tradein. I used that to pay Fees and Taxes upfront.

Ok taxes are taxes nothing you can do about that, what fees did you pay out of the 3400? The MF is about right, I think its actually .00134 but that doesn’t matter. The thing that stands out to me, after a quick search on shows discounts of 5-6k before negotiation. So i ran some numbers, i think before taxes (including your 1k grad discount) it should have been 350/mo with a 6k discount from msrp, taxes, dmv fees and bank fee due at signing.

Clearer picture

ok it looks like you (knowingly or unknowingly) added excess damage for 750, and a substantial doc fee of 400 or 600 (i can’t read it),but like i said the discount was not enough. An overly simplistic way to look at it is amount due at signing ~5200 + total of payment ~21950=27150 to borrow a 42k car for 36 months, that’s 754 a month.

This deal is very wrong. They gave you 3400 for a 2007 GL450 ( I would say worth about 6 to 8k wholesale) and made you pay 22k for 3 years worth of a car that is MSRP 42k and should sell at 37k.

So you left about 6k with the dealer.

I was given more for the GL450. $8K. But applied 3400 to pay for Tax’s and Fees.

I understand I should have received more discount. I will be looking into a new car soon and will work on getting about 13% off msrp.

The trade in looked low to me too but i was not even addressing that, its possible he still owed on it, or it had damage, or just about anything.

Oh you asked for lessons learned. Here they are:
a) next time, take car to Carmax and get appraised or sell it there
b) get numbers and post to the forum asking for advice before signing the paperwork
c) shop around, ask for discount, compare with what others are paying.

See you in 34 months?

“I will be looking into a new car soon and will work on getting about 13% off msrp.”

You understand this completely depends on the car you are looking at, and the incentives available at that time. If you go into a bmw dealer and try to get an M2 for 13% off they will literally laugh in your face, if you get a 328 for 13% off you are probably leaving money on the table. Ask Vhooloo about that.

No see you in a few hours :slight_smile: I am in talks for a 430i now. So I will post info once I get more details from dealer.

So far for 2017 430i, MSRP is 51775, Floor Model. Trying for $45k. I get 2,000 rebates also.


If you want to make up for the x1 deal look at a 2016 328 demo/loaner, they are pretty regularly going for .75% or less monthly of MSRP, ie a 40,000 car would be $300 a month.

And if you want to go baller status, I heard i8 is leasing for $1k. :slight_smile: But maybe it is just a rumor.