Please review deal on Audi A5

Hi Hackr Community ,
Thank you for any suggestions/ feedback on the following deal I am being offered on a
2023 AUDI A5Sportback premium Convenience package w S-Line in Chronos gray.

My current lease is up next month and the dealer is offering to “take care of it “ . Essentially forgiving me for 2000miles That Im over and paying for last month to Audi .

Drive off includes a 3000 rebate (taxed ) . The cash line shows actual DAS is total of 10MSD plus fees etc .

Am I missing something ?

When you say fees, do you mean acquisition, doc fee, registration?

Yes correct

What model are you currently leasing? What is the current mileage? Do you have any equity in it? No dealer is going to “take care” of your payment 'cos they are nice.

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I agree with you on the “take care “ part and thats why im not sure where the catch is .Im currently in a 2019 a5 Premium plus w Sline and black optic pkg . Over the alloted miles by 2000 miles with a month to go . Extended the original lease from 36 to 42 mths . Carmax etc value the car at 29000 . My residual / payoff at lease end is 27209 .

Current mileage is 43800 and allotment is 42000 and I have 33 more days till lease end

What is that $3000 rebate? I’m only seeing Coscto /affinity /military for Nor Cal zip codes in March:


AFAIK you can’t combine Costco/ affinity, so number $3000 for rebates looks odd. Ask the dealer for exact rebates breakdown.

If it’s legit, then this is your deal, +/- couple hundreds. 2,451 DAS + 5,750 MSDs + 3K rebate = very close to 11,300 driveoffs. So basically its $568 mo + $2,500 DAS. It’s not terrible.

Regarding your 2019 trade: your residual/payoff <> Audi/VW dealer payoff <> 3rd party dealer payoff, so it’s hard to say whether it’s a wash in terms of positive/negative equity, or you have something there. You could spend some time calling Audi dealers and figuring out who wants to buy it out and maybe give you some positive equity, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in it.

I would 1st confirm rebate qualifications, it looks odd. And then push for bigger than 5.76% dealer discount. 7-8-9. But it’s not the worst A5 quote that I’ve seen if everything checks out.

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Yea, if Carmax and the online buyers are around $29k and your payoff is $27k then thats exactly how the dealer is “taking care of it”. He’s just going to buy your lease (rather than you grounding it) and put that $1-2k in his pocket depending on exactly what his payoff is.

Note that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on the deal they’re giving you on the new car.

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Thanks . Yes the difference is probably profit but then Id have to pay for the extra miles . I tried asking a few other dealers and no one seemed to consider the trade as relevant . Most other deals were way less discounted .

As for the extra 3000 rebate I have two concerns if someone has an idea :

  1. they (and a competing dealer) said that since my current lease was from here only they could give the extra discount .
  2. Why cant they just give me the total 6500 off as discount from MSRP . Instead of breaking it into 3000 off msrp and rest as taxable rebate ?

I will be visiting them today to finalize so any suggestions or headsup would be appreciated

This is how they presented the rebates and I quote :slight_smile:
Selling price cannot be lower. You need to look at lesser car. I have A5s between 52k to 60k. Any A5 I have here is 3500 off for you and I have 2000 loyalty rebate that you can only use here. Plus costco so 6500 total savings. If you tell me what your target payment is, I will show you the one closest it.

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A couple of points I wanted to make:

  1. Is there a pull ahead program currently available? Audi usually offers up to 3 months of forgiven payments if you lease/buy another Audi.
  2. Could you clarify your statement below?

The Audi lease cash comes from the manufacturer. The Costco rebate does not come out of the dealer’s pocket. The dealer discount is separate from all these rebates.

IMO, although this seems to be a decent deal, I would probably expand my radius and reach out to other dealers. Have you looked at broker deals in the Marketplace?

Thank you for that insight . Yes I shopped a100 mile radius . Most did not want to discount more than 1 percent citing “demand” or “supply shortage “ which I thought was BS .

One of the dealers closer to me had an exact match to the car I am working on listed with the exact MSRP . I told them if they could beat my current quote they could have my business and the trade in etc. They came back and replied they could not offer the same discount and that the current dealer could since My current lease is from them . Recommended I get the deal offered from currwnt dealer .

I was not aware or told of any pull ahead but will ask . Thanks

:point_up_2::point_up_2: - I would do this.

When I was leasing my '18 A4, a few months before the end of my lease I received a letter from Audi Financial Services about the pull ahead program. Did you get such a letter or email?

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No I havent . When I had called them for the extension they told me to call a month ahead of the lease end to see if I could get a discounted rate on the overage miles (I believe they offered .10 vs 0.25 cents / mile ) Didnt mention a pull ahead .

Additionally Im inclined to turn in to the dealer to avoid time spent in scheduling an inspection , then fixing whatever they need or paying for it . I will look at Mktplace as u suggested before going back today .

Truly appreciate the quick feedback here :pray:

This sounds like additional discount they are willing to give you rather than actual rebate. Regardless how they structure it, it’s same discount. With only Costco as an actual rebate, this means they give you 9.xx% off msrp, to get to that payment and a buy rate.

This looks good. If you’re set on A5, I’d sign it. I don’t think you’d be able to get significantly better than this.

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Thank you …I am planning to gently push for any more discounting if available and will hope to sign if all checks out .

Any recommendations on what to check for as far as lease end / turn in to the dealer ? Or is it just leave vehicle , keys etc .

PS : Would it help to add Audicare ? Either overall for deal or is that something worth asking they add to the deal?

OP is only getting $3k off MSRP, so the actual % discount is much less than 9% before rebates.

As far as some of their rebates, maybe the $2k loyalty is region specific. I am only seeing $1k from Costco (Penfed also has $1k but not stackable with Costco). There is no lease cash on this car.

Maybe, hence the qualifier “With only Costco as an actual rebate”.

AFS regional rebates show up in ratefindr, and there is no loyalty for March for A5 in OP’s region. Also, from the OP’s dealer quote, them insisting that this magical 2K rebate that OP can only use with them suggests that its not an actual manufacturer’s loyalty incentive, but just another form of their discount.

So if there is no official 2K loyalty from AFS that OP can use, dealer does give him 9% of discount to get to his payment. If I’m mistaken, and there is AFS loyalty that is used here, then yes, its only 6.xx%

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Just got this back from dealer after requesting a breakdown :
Will probably go forward with this ….

Please see. Lease as follows.
MSRP: 52040
Selling price: 49040
Taxed rebate : 3000

Drive off:

$348.25 taxes on rebate
$566.87 first payment
$5750 multiple security deposit
$895 acquisition fee
$85 documentation fee
$666 DMV

$8,311.12 total due at signing
12,000 miles per year
$566.87 per month including tax.

For what its worth my last 2019 lease was about 12% off msrp from same dealer . My post from 3 yrs ago has that deal so dont know still . :grimacing:

As long as you are happy with the numbers and the car, then go for it.

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Have you been able to confirm the breakdown? $1k from Costco leaves $2k. I have not been able to confirm whether there is a loyalty incentive this month.

IMO, it all depends on whether that 2K a real loyalty rebate you can use at any Audi dealer, or just a form of discount from this dealer personally to you.

If it’s a real rebate, your dealer discount is only 6% and I would push for more.
If it’s just a dealer giving you extra 2K under guise of official rebate, then you’re at 9% and pretty much topped out and it’s ok to sign.