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Market on bolts did a 180, from being a car no one wanted to being very popular in the last 2 years. Keep that in mind during your search.

You might even say they’re hot. :fire:


Is there any other car now that is no one wants?And the bolt EV price will drop down next year

If you’re talking about the new MSRP, you can already order a '23. Bolt EV starts at $32k.

a’23 starts as 25,600$, this car nowadays is popular , it is hard to get a good lease deal now , Do you have any idea?

I am located in Connecticut and am looking for either G550 or G63 purchase deal in black/black which seems to be in high demand so starting to consider other colors. Please let me know if anything is out there.


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2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid LX at MSRP?
I’d be willing to buy anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. I emailed a bunch of local dealers in the NYC area but no one bit. They seem to be asking $2k over sticker. I don’t care about the options, just want the base model LX hybrid, as little addons as possible. I know the car market is crazy right now, but thought I’d ask just in case it’s possible.

a higher doc fee + shipping is gonna put you close to that 2k…


Thanks, why would the doc fee by higher? Regarding shipping, I’m starting an extended cross country road trip in September so I could possibly pick the car up where it is.

it varies by state
doc fee in california is 85
new york is 175
virginia 899

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Looking for a
3y/12k lease

Cars I’m interested in.

LOCATION: California.

BMW: 8 Series (coupe, preferably m850i)

Mercedes: AMG GT Coupe.

Porsche: 718 Cayman

Please message me with details.


Just financed an Atlas and need another car.

I am in the middle of deciding between

Jeep GC laredo
Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Tuscon
VW Tiguan

I just cant see my self paying these crazy prices.

Anyone have any deals or tips?

Very few things make more sense to lease right now than to purchase.

I picked up a great 4xe lease from the dealer in TN on here in December.

Wondering if there’s a similar dealer with VW that is willing to diacount orders right now in the Midwest area?

Midwest Area: Ohio
Looking to lease a Grand Cherokee Overland 4x4 for 36/10k term. Open to 2 or 3 row, I know there’s slight differences between them. I also qualify for affiliate.