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IME across a couple of brands (not including Jeep), the best deals in Columbus start at CMH.

You have non-stop access to some much more competitive markets.

I got my BMW in the DC area/Northern Virginia (put the deal together over the phone, and then cashed in some AA miles and some Marriott points and drove it back). Saved me $500-600 a month.

You might also consider using a broker and having the car delivered to you.



I’m in Columbus and have had my last two cars shipped from out of state (via broker).

Also, is it just me, or are there a lot of fellow Ohio kinfolk on LH.


Do escapees count?


Parolees and Ohio ex-pats as well.

Interested in 2023 Lexus IS 500 w/ 10k miles per in S. FLA but willing to travel for any deals if available?

Looking for anyone in the northeast that can get me ~6% off a 2024 S5 in stock or order for purchase. Or over 10% for a 2023. Seeing orders for BMWs in the marketplace but not for Audis…

Hello all,

Moving to Canada and looking to lease a car. Pretty flexible with options. Can anybody recommend a lease broker or somebody who can assist me in this process. Direct dealer communications have failed until now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Currently have a 2021 XT6 which the lease is up Nov 4 2023
Want to do another lease as we use the car for business expense but not enough to justify paying an additional $300 these dealers are talking about.
Want a 2023 or 2024 new lease but in the range of $600-620 a month, Currently paying 540 and they keep telling me I have 3-4K in equity as of right now.
We have started to look at the XC90 but is is a smaller vehicle and looks very different than the XT6 which is very classy and elegant.
Any help would be great.

Trying to see if there are some good month end/quarter end deals cripping up.

I was looking at Ioniq 6, VW ID4, Kona, Niro, Solterra on this forum/negotiated/signed section so have some idea what to expect.

Any hidden gems out there i’m missing? Perhaps Nissa Ariya

Would be grateful if any can share some recent numbers from local Socal dealers.

Thank you and happy hunting

+edit+ Forgot to give credit and shout out to @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto @rubbergash as some of these numbers are from them!

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talk to @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto , he has most of those covered.

And @rubbergash has the Subie area.

your ID4 is overpriced

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thank you! just edited and gave them credit as i compiled the numbers from their posts.

Was hoping to see some real negotiated numbers if anyone did the homework!

I will be sure to share once i start making my rounds

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The numbers that you see are pre-negotiated. You can’t really negotiate any more. What you see is what you get, plus tax on monthly. I’ve leased from both. If you know what you want, it will literally be a few texts back and forth, and then about an hour at the dealership signing papers, no games, and the finance guy will not try to sell you maintenance or warranties.

It’s just $2000 on your credit card at the dealership, and then for monthly, just multiply your local tax rate by the monthly, and add that tax amount to the monthly. For Jeff, I paid the broker fee via Zelle after I had brought the car home. I think that’s really trusting of him. Most brokers want the broker fee up front. Seth is a dealer so no broker fee.

I thought the Ioniq 6 SEL RWD was $409/mo+tax? Too bad you don’t have a Hyundai because that price on the Ioniq 6 with loyalty ($307/mo) is insane for such a nice EV. I would say that the Ioniq 6 is the best EV, but the Solterra is the best SUV that just happens to be an EV.


Jeff’s numbers are real, you have to add sales tax from where you live.

Any leads on a 2021 Mercedes E450 outside the usual suspects (Cargurus, Autotrader, FB and CL)?

Interested in 21 E53? :slight_smile:

If it’s the same price as a 450, sure! :grin:

Only 7k miles lol

Friend was looking to lease a Genesis G70 SUV about $55K list. One salesperson said $800/month with $4K down with close to perfect credit. Another said he might be able to do $700. The car with a lease expiring was about $52K list and she paid $450/month and $4K down.

Is that what leases are going for now? Are they higher because of interest rates and there is still a shortage of cars?

Maybe you should take a look at the marketplace or send aronchi a PM? I hear the guy is very friendly and patient with folks.

Here’s the G70 lease he was offering a few weeks ago…


Same issue i have right now.
I am leasing a Honda that expires soon. I put down ZERO 15k lease and am only paying 517 MSRP was around 46k
now the same cars are like 800