Please keep all your “wanted” ads here - Part 3

We are looking, but haven’t found anything yet to our satisfaction, especially at the lease term we are looking for. We do not want a 36/7.5k mile lease.

The Niro is too small, and we haven’t checked the Ariya really, a little skeptical about the storage space.

The ID.4 we are looking for the Pro S trim, and for the Ioniq 5 if the SEL is recommended we would consider it. We have only seen the Limited trim so far.

Where have you seen this? That sounds like a great deal.

Hi guys - didn’t want to create a separate thread for this but wanted to get input: Is getting a car in Jan 2024 vs December 2023 going to substantially cost me? In a tough situation where I either get a car ASAP in the next 10-12 days, or wait out until the end of January. Appreciate all input.


I am looking for a BMW iX xDrive 50.

The only main option I am looking for Bower’s and Wilkins Audio System.
Option Code : 6F1

Please let me know of a car instate if available.

0$ down preferable.

I am in Austin, Texas. Can drive to the neighboring cities.


Messaged you.

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In the marketplace. Posting the top two results of my search. You should have a look yourself to find better deals.

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Nobody knows. If you’re risk-averse then take the bird in hand (the December deal).


Anyone have any recommendations on a Cadillac broker for xt4? I can’t find one on the board.

Thank you very much!

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Why don’t you be specific about what options you need?

Something that’s an option in one car sometimes is included as a standard feature in another car. Heck even the 24 Ioniq 5 SEL has different features from the 23 Ioniq 5 SEL.

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SUV or AWD options
02919 is zip
15K miles !!!
$550 max!

Let’s hear some options!

  1. Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type: 2023/2024 TOYOTA COROLLA GR CIRCUIT EDITION
  2. Term/Mileage: CASH PRICE
  3. Region/State: NATIONWIDE
  4. Preferred method of contact: PM
  5. Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.): N/A

Thanks. I have looked at most of the iX listings and brokers but I cant find one for CO (or one that ships to CO for a cost that makes sense).

And agreed on the CX90 - it seems about in the price range so we may end up going down that path…just throwing up a hail mary to see if something more exciting comes up.

Thanks again

I applied for the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program about 6 months ago and received my approval packet today. Are there any one-pay Hyundai dealers in SoCal that are also eligible for CVAP? Looking to lease Ioniq 5. Brokers can contact me if you can help. Thanks

Eh figured, but was hoping maybe for some general consensus amongst the dealership guys on here. As in to what extent more the dealers are willing to play ball in Dec vs Jan…

Facebook group “no markup Toyota” is where you will find this car


I am looking for a VW ID.4 S
36 month Lease/7,500 mile
0$ down preferable.
Los Angeles, CA

I’ve heard about crazy deals on the Audi RS etron GT, is anyone able to work one of these? I think I remember seeing up to $50K discounted. I’d love to see how one of these deals would work. Thanks!

Midwest - St. Louis

Still looking for the following Jeep Grand Cherokee L, VW Atlas, Hyundai Palisade, Kia Telluride, or anything with a large 3rd row really…Looking for $0 down, 36 months, 10,000 miles per year, $500 and under…Tennessee Resident. I have a few offers for $550 with these terms but nothing at or under my budget…ready to sign now! Willing to drive 4-5 hours away

I’m in the same boat I think @djrabbi had the last two haha

LH members snipped them. I got my two in November