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Tundra TRD Pro Crewmax 2020
Black or White preferred
Credit score 750
Max price: $300 / month - based on recent deals I’ve seen
Term: 24 or 36 months - 10k or 12k
Location: Northern VA

Ready to move asap, please reach out.

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You can get many of the trim levels for around $300, some even less, but it may be difficult if not impossible to get a pro anywhere near that price. There are a couple brokers (one east coast, one west coast) and a couple dealers here on LH who have the best prices, you should reach out to them to get actual numbers. I think you’ll find the pro to be more than double 300 on the monthly. I believe you’re better off buying a pro vs leasing. Would love to see you prove me wrong though. :+1:

I’d be okay with the TRD Sport - here’s one I saw:


Wondering if there is possibly any more discount to be had or does this look like the best deal? And if the calculator is correct? I was quoted at 275 and calculator is 276 so I think it’s been input correctly.

2020 TRD Sport using usbank lease
24m/15k per year
$275 a month with taxes

Sam, that doesn’t sound like a bad deal, I think that’s a lot of truck at that price and close to what the best tundra deals are. Depending on where you’re at you could contact one of the Toyota experts to confirm your deal (or buy from them). The absolute best deals on Toyota’s I have seen are from @Jrouleau426 out east, although I believe he can do nationwide deals. If you are closer to the west coast I would contact @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto or @Cody_Carter, although they may only do California and possibly Arizona.

You may have already seen this but read this thread for the best tundra deals. Look at @Jrouleau426 spreadsheet to compare…


Looking for a truck to pull my razrs… I will hardly use it
Send me the best deal offered! thank you!

  1. Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type: 19/ 20 Ford or Toyota truck
  2. Term/Mileage: Whatever term is cheapest/10K miles per year
  3. Region/State: Utah or surrounding states
  4. Preferred method of contact: Email

801sjt you’ve got to read this thread for cheap leases on a tundra, look at the SR5 and also SR5 sport packages, any other full size half ton will be double the monthly payment…

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Hello, looking for;

  1. Dodge Charger/challenger scat pack,
    Any crewcab 4x4 truck.
    Honestly anything fast or 4x4
  2. Pref 24/36mo 12k
  3. AZ
  4. Email/ text
  5. Active military, Costco membership
    Tier 1+ credit

Please PM me if you are a broker or dealer and can lease to Nevada residents. I’m looking for a truck or suv/ crossover. Thank You!

Please PM me if you are a broker or dealer and can lease to Nevada residents. I’m looking for a truck or suv/ crossover. Thank You!

  1. Sub-Trim you’re interested in/ also color- xc90 t6 mom 7 passenger/ white, blue, black
  2. Zip Code
  3. Miles
  4. What Leases You Have in The Household?
  5. How Much Do At Signing
    Zero DAS
    Medical professional

XC90 T6 Momentum/adv pack/21’'5 spoke Rims /7 passengers/Black,blue,white
10k or 12k
No leases.Own MB ML350
DAS with all fees and taxes

  1. XC40
  2. 75024
  3. 10,000
  4. None atm
  5. 1-3k
  1. XC40 m with premium package, white or grey
  2. 95133
  3. 36/10k
  4. No lease in household
  5. $0 / first month, can do 7 MSD

Hope to get it before June. Please contact:

I’m still looking for M2/ M4 :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok so I’m new here but I can’t seem to find a broker who works with folks in North Carolina. Interested in audi and volvo. Any recommendations?


We want to hear about etrons! Lots of talk when they will be priced to clear 2019 inventory. thanks!

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Hello looking for good deals on E-trons!

Have any A3 deals available?

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Hi Donny, any way to know if the manufacturer incentives or rebates would be better next month (May, in a few days), or is it impossible to know until May 1st?

What are the details of the Etron? Can it be leased out of State?