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The Great Dildini is back! and I have 3 people that need a car lease. Whoever can get me best pricing for my peeps get their info. Everything you need to make the deals happen. Keep The Great Dildini’s friends happy and he will keep these free referrals coming. To be fair the basic info goes out to all and I do mean all (dealers, brokers, people who are pretending to know how to lease cars, hackrs) First first to get the best deal within the next 72hrs will take it, unless for some reason you believe a better deal is around the corner (within a month the most, these ppl want a car now!) then I can convince them to wait. I am not looking to make any money of these, I repeat I do not want a single dime so please take that into consideration to get the best deal. Commission is all yours to keep!$!$! soooo enough of the song and dance if you read all this and are still here, great! becuse The Great Dildini takes care of his peeps and his peeps that help his peeps.

(All have 740+ credit, good income, no school grad/military/medical/policy/fire)

Lease 1:
Wants a 2021 BMW X3 black on black
3 year 12k miles a year but open to 10k
740+ credit
Zip 91316
Current Lease Mercedes C Class (lease ending within a month)
Max out of pocket 0-$1,500
(if your best price is more then 1500 out of pocket and 500/mo tax included, dont waste your time)

Lease 2:
Wants a 2021 BMW X3 black on black
3 year 12k miles a year but open to 10k
740+ credit
Zip 91436
Current Lease BMW 330 (lease ending June 2021) can keep the current lease or turn it in early.
Max out of pocket 0-$1,500
(if your best price is more then 1500 out of pocket and 500/mo tax included, dont waste your time)

Lease 3:
Wants any 4x4/AWD Truck or SUV (some cars he likes are Subaru, Chevy pickups, Toyota anything’s)
3 year 12k miles a year
740+ credit
Zip 91401
Current Lease Chevy Trax (lease ending in 1month)
Max out of pocket 0-$500
(if your best price is more then 500 out of pocket and 300/mo tax included, dont waste your time)

3 Separate households, not sure what other info you need at this time.
Please feel free to respond in commends or DMs whatever you want, I have no preference. The person to give the best deal over the next 72hrs gets the deal.

  1. please dont waste your/my time, if you know you cant make this happen dont respond asking if the x3 peeps would take an x2 or a x3 with some package at slightly more. These are the targets, we either hit them or we let them pass and wait for the next one.

Please respond back with out of pocket cost and monthly payment including tax. (LA county so tax is what 9% now)

The way best price will be calculate is (monthly payment x 36 + out of pocket cost = total)
Whatever person has the deal with lowest total cost takes it, keep in mind the max out of pocket they are willing to do.

I will not! I repeat “I WILL NOT” send your offer/deal to another person/dealer/broker to try and squeeze the price lower. The Great Dildini is fair and honest, my word will not break. I will simply look at every message/comment/dm that comes in with pricing and lowest total cost at the end of 72hrs will take it.
With this said, if anyone thats looking to make these deals happen wanted to know what the lowest current offer was I will let them know. But only if someone whos looking to make this happen asks me, I will not go around shopping your offers.

Hook these 3 peeps up and I promise you The Great Dildini will post more.
Think of these as free referrals but only the person with the best deal gets to take them home.

  1. Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type
    2020 or 2021 Evoque S or SE
  2. Term/Mileage
    36/10k or 39/10k
  3. Region/State
    Southern California
  4. Preferred method of contact
  5. Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.)
    Excellent credit history

No need to post the same thing twice within 12 hours.

OK Hackers here’s the situation …my lease is up in January 21 , X3 M Sport , this is the 4th BMW X we’ve leased 3 X3 and a X4 … want to try something else …payments were $540 month after $3k down NYS Taxes … trouble is BMW is making it hard to find a comparable with the loyalty incentives they throw at me … Like to keep it under $540 with $3-4K out of pocket .
So now I’m pulling up my easy chair waiting for some responses :smile:
I’m in NY , Staten Island so NJ is fine with me

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test post .

  1. Q5 / GLC / Stelvio - all need moonroof + heated seats in white ext / black int
  2. 10k per year
  3. NY 11365
  4. PM
  5. Conquest Loyalty (have Q50 expiring soon, looking to move ASAP)

Not willing to do MSDs, only want quotes showing rolled in price and only first month’s and DMV DAS.

Thanks LH!

Looking for either a Jaguar F-Pace or RR Velar.

So Cal or AZ
Sunroof, Upgraded audio system
800+ score
looking for ASAP

Looking for this

2021 Toyota Tundra SR5 TRD Sport CrewMax 4x4
Army Green w/Black interior
TRD Sport Package Plus
SR5 Upgrade Package
TRD Sport Convenience Package
Blackout Package

Located in Montana but willing to travel. Looking at 36/12 and 24/12 lease options. Thank you

  • Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type
    20/21 Ram 1500 crew cab - preferably in the $400s
  • Term/Mileage
    39/10 or 39/12
  • Region/State
  • Preferred method of contact
  • Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc
    Leasing a Hyundai, own a Honda, Costco member

Prefer heated steering wheel package is my only luxury goal.


Location: SoCal (90403)

Make/model: 2020/2021 BMW M340i (Demo/Loaner OK)

Term: 36mo/10k

Contact methods: PM on here is fine

Discounts/incentives: Loyalty


  • Minimal DAS
  • No MSDs
  • Exterior Color: Preferred Mineral Gray (Black Sapphire fine as well)
  • Interior Color: Preferred Cognac (Black interior is fine as well)
  • Shadowline preferred (not a deal breaker)
  • 792M Wheels
  • HK Sound



Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type
2021 BMW X7 40 or 50i
Must have 2nd row captain chairs
Looking for Blue, Silver, Grey Exterior with Black interior
Premium package with 22” wheels preferred


Southern California (92694)

Preferred method of contact

Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.)
Excellent credit
Current BMW leasee

Location: Chicago IL, will travel

Wanted : 2021 G63 AMG at MSRP or near MSRP for purchase/finance

Flexible on options, targeting <170 MSRP.

Exterior Color: Black, white, grey , dark blue
Interior Color: Anything but Red

Hi all! Wanting to find my mom her ideal lease. She’s picky and it’s hard. She’s looking for an any size 4WD/AWD SUV at a payment of less than $300/month (with taxes) and $0 down. MSD possible. No specific car/packages but she does really like power liftgate. Hopefully you guys can help!

1.Vehicle Type: Any size AWD/4WD SUV
2. Term/Mileage: 36/10k
3. Philadelphia
4. Text/Email/Reply
5. Current Nissan Rogue lease. Only a Toyota/Ford registered to the household.

Looking to close by end of year

Location: MA
Make/model: 2021 BMW 330i Xdrive
Term: 36mo/10k
Contact methods: PM
Discounts/incentives: Conquest, Penfed, OL, Costco, no loyalty

Mineral White or Black Sapphire Metallic
Black Interior
Demo/Loaner is ideal (Idk if 2020s still have lease support)

Budget: Around 13K One Pay
704 Experian 703 Equifax 721 TransUnion

Location: AZ

Make/model: 2020/21 Ram Limited

Term: 36mo/12k year

Contact methods: PM on here is fine

Discounts/incentives: Costco, loyalty


  • Total monthly budget = $700 mth including tax
  • Exterior Color: Blue, gray, black, red
  • Interior Color: Not brown

Ideal options:

  • Night pkg

  • Pano roof

  • 5.7 l etourque

  • Limited level 1 and tech package

Top credit. 1st month down.

Location Norcal Bay area.

Make Mode - HI, I am looking for an SUV on lease.
I am eyeing VW Tiguan SE model but open to other options.
Open to Loaner/Demo car too.

Term - 36 month 10k Miles per year.

Discount - Currently leasing from VW as well as infinity. Costco

Notes- Looking for max. per month payment less than $270 with everything rolled into it. Zero drive off.
Excellelant credit score.
Please PM me if you have some options.


Location: SoCal (90015)

Make/model: BMW x5 M50i

Term: 36mo/10k

Contact methods: PM on here is fine

Discounts/incentives: Loyalty

-Black on Black
-22" Black Wheels
-Executive package

Looking to lease a truck this month any recommendations? Open to any make and model

  1. Car: 2020 or 2021 Honda Accord Sport
  2. Months/Miles per year: 36/10K
  3. Registration Location: New York 11735
  4. Contact: Direct PM
  5. Deal Structure:
    - Drive Off: 1st Month + DMV + Bank Fee (roll in taxes and other fees)
    - MSD: 0
  6. Okay with Demo/Loaners
  7. Tier 1 Credit

Love sport wagons. Looking for a good deal on a new Panamera Sport Turismo or 2018 Turbo ST.
21’ wheels is a must, pref black.
Any car color is good but silver
Was wondering if leasehackrs can share latest deals