Please help with Lease 2023 Honda accord LX

Atlanta Ga, Please help me decided if the is a good deal. 36M/12K
Price $31,579.86
Acq/chem/oil/sec $595.00 Monthly Payment: $520.97 Deposit Fee:$350
Total Financed $32,174.86 Taxes $1,155.25 Tot. annual fee.$21.00
MSRP. $28,390.00 Total initial Fee: $1048.00
Residual%60- $17,034.00 MF. 0.00204
**Also from what ive seen online 1-1.5% of MSRP is good deal

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Be prepared for everyone here to absolutely trash a $500/mo payment on a base accord

If it’s not the hybrid model you should be able to get a deeper discount. Also FYI financing is better than leasing on most hondas but some like the ridgeline and passport are neck and neck. Oh, and you can probably get a lease on a $42k honda passport for less.



But, if you insist on leasing one, can you try putting it into the calculator?

Here’s an accord hybrid EX-L I did at MSRP for reference

Okay. Im going to continue to look. What im finding out is these dealerships a’rent willing to budge here in Atlanta because its a selling market.

Thanks will look at finance.

There’s dozens of accords on my local lots. I’m sure they sell but the CRV hybrid and new pilot are the hot cars they can’t keep in stock with markups. At least locally. I’m sure I could negotiate at least 5% off a new accord, maybe more.