Please help understand this lease offer

Hi there.

Can anyone help clarify how these numbers add up? I add them to the calculator but get a completely different number.

I feel there are some hidden fees here.
Please help

Add a link to your LH calculator results

The RV is 58% there while you have 61

Are you sure the MF is correct?

Ahhh, thanks. Silly me. I dont know why I didnt see that.

MF should be correct. it shows on the first sheet I posed and I believe BMW MF is 0.00145 and with MSD goes down to 0.00110.

With the correction to 58% RV it seems close to the offer.
$366 monthly (including 9.5% tax) and $2500 down not including MSD.

Does this seem like a decent deal?

Dont put $2500 down, only the MSD.

and roll into monthly payment?

This is a close as I could get on the calculator. I’m $11 off on the drive off.

Thanks Max_g for spotting my error.

This car is the exact specs I build so it has that going for it.
Straight from BMW factory.


$0 Drive Off


No need to do 0 drive off since I want to keep the payment under $400.

Is this a good deal?

You total that vehicle in the 1st month, your out $2500. Your payment can still be under “$400” keeping that money in a savings acct and using it to add to your payment

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Aside for that decision, hackers - is this a good deal?

I will let other hackers give you feedback if its a good deal as I don’t have much experience with Bmw’s.
Just want to re-emphasize that payment point again. If your able to afford the $366 + $2500 down payment, you can afford the $440 zero drive off payment. All you are doing is paying $2500 of your cost upfront instead of keeping it in your bank acct to pull from. The only negative of rolling it in is your Cap cost goes up and you will end up paying a little more in interest, $100 or so… also your MSD’s will go up some but those are refundable…

You’re right. I just confirmed $440 not $445 like the calculator shows. Its $164 extra in interest which is not worth the savings. Good call - thank you.

$366 x 35 = $12,810 + $2500 = $15,310
$440 x 35 = $15,400

$90 difference. 1st months payment is wrapped into your drive off on each scenario.

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