Please help evaluate a deal for VW Golf S Auto basic model

Hi guys, this is my first time leasing a car. I’ve been trying to get $200/m, $0 at drive off for several months now. This is the closest I could get…maybe I can’t get lower or I can if I wait until end of the year… wanted to ask you guys first. Any advice on how to get lower would be helpful.
Thanks in advance!

15k miles/yr; 36 mo lease term
MSRP: $22,135
Discount: $3450
Selling Price: $18,685
Doc Fee: $423
Acquisition fee: $625
License fee: $243
Rebate: $0
Net Cap cpst: 19.425.35
Money factor: 0.00051
Advance payment : $249.31
Initial payment: $500
Residual .53%
Monthly payment $249.31 (including tax)

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