Please critique - deal not yet signed Jeep Gladiator

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport S (manual transmission)
MSRP $43,185
Sale Price $41,386 (4%)
Acq. Fee $695
Gross Cap cost $42,081
Monthly Payment: $487.72
Drive-Off Amount: $937.36
Months: 27
Annual Mileage: 15k
MF: 0.00115
Residual: 31,956.90 (74%)
Incentives: None (am I missing any)?
Region: Midwest
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Please provide any thoughts. I ordered this custom and have a chrysler friends/fam discount.

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What’s the MSRP/how much of a discount are you getting?

You ordered it custom but didn’t sign yet?

Are you partially committed?

Estimate LH score is 7.5, not as good as other deal.

There’s more to evaluating a deal than only variations of “% of MSRP” … you cannot judge based on just that.

I am not committed no deposit. I know the “best” deal is to grab older dealer stock but I wanted a specific configuration so I ordered it.

How much room should there be in the price on a custom order?

I’ve never heard of negotiating on a custom order after it drops. That’s really odd.

I would treat it the same as a non custom order. If they did the build without a deposit, it’s probably not very unique and they must be confident they can sell it even if you back out.

But if you don’t get your numbers, what’s your plan? I ask because you ordered it for a reason.

The MSRP is 43185. If I dont like the deal I’ll drive my other cars.

They told me they couldn’t give me figures at order time because they dont know what month it will be delivered for lease rates

That’s great

Now if it is a unique build, you have some potential leverage

Only semi serious

So the dealer emailed me yesterday with the sale price I listed above. Simultaneously they listed the car on their website at a much lower sale price of $39,842 (7.7% discount). So I’ll be starting there.

I know w Jeep their rebates are very very hard to keep up with.

So the advertised price on a website is often inclusive of all those

8.4 years score at the lower sale price

Haven’t looked into this for awhile, but would recommend checking out the jeep gladiator forums. Theres some info about pricing and leasing there. Thread lightly membership for an extra affiliate discount pricing also seems helpful. Plenty of 5-7% below invoice on sales price, just not sure how much invoice is below msrp

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