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Send me:
-Preferred trim
-Color (top 3)
-Manual or auto
-Zip code and name of town in New England
-Confirm there is no trade involved
-Confirm credit score is > 700


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Msds are crazy on these deals. I feel bad for people that don’t understand them! Throw them on a 0% credit card if you don’t have the cash!

Couldn’t agree more man!

It’s unreal how much the ROI is.

Thanks @Jrouleau426 for bringing these deals to the attention of the community!


Plenty of deals to go around. Brokers are a great resource, but at the end of the day it’s all about the Customers getting a great deal. When brokers work together, everyone wins!!!

I didnt think Toyota offered 10k/y leases.

It’s by region.

I picked up a taco yesterday for a second car and went with the 10K option because the deals are too good to pass on with these residuals.

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