Please Advise - BMW 430i Loaner Lease in Texas

Hi all, I am trying to negotiate a lease and I feel like I am getting the runaround. I had initially looked at a new 430i for $600 but asked about a loaner car. Please let me know if you think I’m getting screwed here or if I should take the deal.

The car in question has 4500 miles on it. Please note that in Texas, leases are taxed on the full sales price of the car.

Here are the details:

Selling Price: $44,295
Discount: $6,500
BMW Discount: $2,000
Adjusted Price: $35,795

Doc Fee: $150
Tax: $2,237.19
Non Tax Fees: $287.70
Residual Value$23,919
MF: ?? Waiting on this

Total Price: $38,469.89

36 month lease 10k miles/year, $0 down at 517/mo. including taxes.


Ask for sales tax credit. They probably have it to use.

$6,500 discount (or 15%) on a loaner is not that great. I’d push for closer to 20% off prior to incentives. That being said, if they give you tax credits to off-set ALL your tax liability, then its worth doing at the 15% off.

Also, confirm the MF and make sure its not marked up (base = .00152). They may tell you its their policy to mark-up the MF, but I would push.