Please add MSDs for Volvo in Calculator section

Please add MSDs for Volvo in Calculator section

Which model are you looking at? I’m test driving the XC60 tomorrow. I had never heard of MSDs before finding this forum so I’m hoping it will help to lower my payments.

Don’t see any sense in putting MSD on a Volvo with rates under 1%. But I did not know Volvo does it.

My friend is saving $1,660 over her 30 month XC90 lease by paying $7,500 in MSDs. Not sure where you’re saving your money at but that sounds like a nice return to me.


@Ampersand good to know. Thanks! I’m also hoping to take advantage of Volvo’s incentive of no payments for 3 months.

@Akk954 you’ll need every incentive you can get since the Volvo residuals aren’t so great. You’re allowed 10 MSDs for total MF reduction of 0.00050 (0.00005 each).

I said with rates under 1%, which was (and maybe still is) the case for the past 6 months with some Volvos. On MF of .0001 (0.24%) that I paid in March and rental charge of $10,325, finance charge is $199 over 36 month. Do the math. If your friend pays interest close to 3% on a $70K car - then of course MSD helps.

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Can I also say that Audi subtract 0.00005 for each Security Deposit but the calc seems to do 0.00017.

I’m looking to lease a black XC90 T6 R design with vision and convenience package, want the payments around $550/ month and need to get get it before January 1st.

Volvo does MSDs

That’s still about $100 savings on a $300 deposit. Not a lot of money but why not do it anyway?

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I’d rather go out, maybe even twice :slight_smile: - then locking $300 for 3 years to knock $2 off my lease payment

Will NOT happen
2016 models are mostly gone anf if there are any programs are shit.
2017 models especially the higher end models are pretty scarce and won’t lease the way you want them too.

So id the MF is .00025 does 5 MSDs take the Interest Rate to 0%?

They will probably not accept MSD below a certain threshold. Toyota does that, they do not take MSD on low promotional MF.

I can’t believe their polestar runs at $60k+ … I mean- look at it! am I the only one who thinks it doesnt look good for 60k…

Any luck negotiating the discount down on the xc90? I am getting started on a negotiation on a 60K T6 momentum, and the guy started at less than 1% discount. Looks like it will be a long back and forth.

Polestar is an amazing company that volvo bought. Having a complete car by polestar is awesome. Have to drive it to appreciate the 60k +

Anyone have a copy of the actual terms for MSD with Volvo?

My understanding is that if your car is totalled or stolen, unlike cap cost reductions, MSD’s are fully returned.

If damage to the car at lease end, they will reduce the MSD’s by the cost of damage and return to you.

Thoughts or section of the volvo lease dealing with sec deposits (or separate agreement)

Everything you said seems correct.