Planing for CA rebates

I just found out today that maximum number of CA rebates allowed per person is two, after Jan 1st 2015. Good thing I leased my two sparkles in 2014, maybe not…
I already have one $1500 rebate issued for my wife’s Fusion, hoping to get another $1500 for the Volt I am getting, but that’s it for me. I know my wife probably can get a couple too, but then it’s completely IT, well one more fuel cell vehicle on top of two electric.
Wouldn’t it make sense to maybe look for a good deal on one of the full electric vehicles like Bolt or e-Golf to get the full $2500 and hopefully have an affordable residual so I can purchase at the lease term end or maybe even Honda fuel cell with $5000 rebate? I am talking strictly financial sense, not the cars themselves.