Pics Not Displaying

Images/Pics do not display on my PC, but display fine on my Phone, any ideas??
Probably a browser setting but can’t seem to find it.


What happens when you put

Into the browser on your pc?

What version of windows, what browser, and what browser version please?


It’s my setup, I am behind a corporate VPN, works fine on my personal PC.


Anyone else having the same issue? Pics not opening on PC but display on cellphone.

Pics work fine for me using firefox on my PC

Ok I cant see what you sent but I can read the text. I’m using Chrome.

How about this?

Yes the Taco shows. How did you do that ?

So the taco is a linked image that’s hosted offsite. The image in the post above was pasted into the reply window and is uploaded to the LH hosting. I wonder if there’s a permission or ad block your computer is having issues with preventing LH hosted images.

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hmmmm. Let me dig in to settings for Chrome and check and report back.
Thanks for your help.

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Na still didn’t work. I also tried clearing cookies and restarting browser. Seems something else.

Ok turned off firewall for 15 mins and it worked. Makes sense now.

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