Pickup or Van advice needed

I will be taking over my parents house and it will be a multi year update and just wanted to get people’s advice on if a van like a RAM City Master or a 1/2 ton pickup would be better to lease for Home Depot/Dump runs? Not a big fan of the seating position in the Tacoma otherwise that would be a no brainer lease.

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1/2 ton pickup


Wagon. Wagon. Wagon. Or a hatchback.

Or lease a Taco.

Edit: I did 7 years of remodeling in a 50 year old house with a hatchback. When, for instance, I replaced every door in the house, I just had Lowes deliver all of them (they weren’t a stock item).

Are you actually going to be driving this thing regularly or only using it for HD/dump runs?

You need something with open bed to haul stuff. Why limit your usable volume when sky is literally the limit most of the time?

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Not regularly, but a couple times a week I have a feeling.

If it’s entirely for the purpose of HD/dump runs, why not just buy a cheap van/truck locally instead of leasing it?

Everything I have seen so far has 170k+ miles and are about the same cost as a lease.

At the end of 2-3 years, you can walk away from a well-bought, well-depreciated used truck for almost the same that you paid for it.

At the end of a 2-3yr lease, you walk away with nothing except a bill for disp, wear, etc.


I got my van for $2500 and the day I bought it some teenager said it was cool and asked it if was lowered. Nope, just blown struts :smiley_cat:

Look at the local large dealer group wholesale used car lots. Like the kind that if they don’t sell in 90 days they go to auction. I’ve found several diamonds in the rough at those, and they just want them to be gone after day 75.