Picked up today - 2018 Porsche Macan Sport Edition Demo

After spending a few weeks trying to understand the Porsche market and how calculating deals on demo cars worked, I managed to get myself what I believe to be a decent deal on a 2018 Macan Sport Edition that was a former loaner. I managed to get the dealership to about 22% off MSRP. The Sport Edition, while not necessarily a great value when ordering new, really is a nice set of options if you manage to find a demo model. It includes the Premium package, Air Suspension with PASM, and a few other nice little things.


From what we’ve seen on here this is a great deal on a Macan, congrats!

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Nice deal! Congrats!

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Porsche that LH requirements are almost unheard of! Congrats!

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Outstanding deal! Great looking car.


great deal! I was shopping for a Macan or Macan S the other day and gave up pretty quickly after seeing how much the MF increases the price - but this lease is outstanding!


Congrats! Great deal! Love the blue!


Thanks everyone!

This is why the 1% rule is stupid. This lease doesn’t meet criteria but this is one heck of a deal.

The 1% rule is a benchmark. There is nothing stupid about it. Even with tremendous discount and good RV, this deal is still mediocre compared to industry due to Porsche’s atrocious MF. You’re paying close to $250/mo on interests. For a Porsche, this is a great deal.


Industry doesn’t really offer vehicles as good as the Macan S for better prices.

This is a great lease for the car.

I just test drove the new SQ5 and Macan S and the Macan is starting to feel its age. The SQ5 feels way more modern and quicker. The base Macan is no comparison. I agree for an overall package the Porsche is still cooler car.

It’s not a benchmark. It’s an arbitrary rule someone made up that people blindly follow because they saw it mentioned here. But go ahead and lease a 330e for 500 a month and be happy you hit the benchmark.


I’m surprised no one has said the QX60 offers more bang for the buck :laughing:

Anyway nice deal and car OP. Love the shade of blue.

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I wonder if you simply buy the car with a bank and sell it at the end of 3 years, will you come ahead on this? I know PenFed offers 2.5% for buying.

this isnt the macan s, it’s the macan sport edition… different engines

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Agree it’s a great price for the car, but the Macan is largely a previous generation Audi Q5 mecahnically, so disagree with the first statement.

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I personally use it to look at the MSRP and determine if the sale price, RV, and MF are in order. While some cars don’t worth their MSRP, that is the detemination the buyer has to make.

Audi Q5 isn’t tuned and equipped the way a Macan is because of the target market is different. Folks that want a Q5 probably don’t want a Macan as the driving experience will differ.

The Macan is still very much a Porsche. It’s not fair to say it’s an old Q5. Porsche put a lot of effort into making it stand apart. It may share a chassis in common, but it goes to show the full potential of the Q5 when worked properly.

It really isn’t an old Q5 at all. They share an engine and thats about it. The Macan handles like a dream.