PENDING TRANSFER 2019 BMW 330xi $370/mo + tax

Please email me at . I’ll be happy to take some pictures if there is any serious interest.

  • 2019 BMW 330xi
  • MSRP - $48185
  • Total Allowed Miles - 36000
  • Current Mileage - ~1700
  • Lease Start and Maturity - 5/31/19 - 5/31/22
  • Months Remaining - 34
  • Miles/mo - 1000
  • Monthly Payment - $443 + tax which is at 481.18 with 8.625 tax … after 2500 incentive, effective pre tax payment is $370 for NY
  • Drive off - $3500 MSDS … buyer pays $500 bmw Transfer Fee but i am including a $2500 incentive to lower monthly payment

Dang what accounts for the quick change in vehicle?

You might have to ride it out for a few months, check with BMW fs, I’m not sure you can transfer the lease this early…

According to another BMW lease trasnfer post
Since the car is so new BMWFS isn’t able to process a lease transfer until they receive the title from the dealer which can take up to 90 days.

You should claim CCA while you wait out the next couple of months for the plates and titling to all go through. Get a little bit of that $ back.

Already did i will call bmwfs to see the wait period because i saw someone transfer their new m3cs recently

If the tax has been rolled in, most people will have to pay $481 plus the tax in their home state

Incentive increased

If the transfer happens in the same state, would you be taxed again?

Similar question here… at 481.18 with 8.625 tax … will I have to pay an additional 7% tax (NJ) making my payment 514.86? Or will I be charged 443 + 7%?

No additional tax in same state (NY)

So were the taxes rolled into the lease payments?

What taxes will be paid upfront on my end if I am from NJ? This does not include the taxes added onto the monthly payment.

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Taxes were rolled in

Don’t make generalized statements that do not apply to all situations.

Most likely NJ will charge you $481 x number of remaining payments x 6.625% upfront.

Incentive raised

Incentive raised

Is this still available? Will bmw approve a lease transfer?

Is this deal still available?