Pending. Should I sign this deal? Lease 2020 BMW X5 xdrive40i


My first lease if I pull the trigger. I need more experienced opinion

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW X5 XDrive40i
MSRP: $72320
Monthly Payment: $771 with local AZ tax
Drive-Off Amount: $2,016
Annual Mileage:10k
MF: (.00118 - .00035) = .00083
MSD: $5,600 (7 MSD max, refundable) which brought MF down by .00035
Incentives: college $1,000, lease loyalty credit $1,000
Region: AZ
Leasehackr Score: 8.3
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Here’s the numbers in detail I got from Edmunds, I think I used all numbers in correct areas

Go to cali

Better taxes? Incentives/discounts?

Nerp. 7% discount is not good enough. Search the forums/marketplace. Every BMW thread says the exact same things.

Yes. Only specific dealers will do AZ reg.

Doc fee lower too and better discounts

When we talk about Edmunds, we are talking about the RV/MF/incetives provided when you post and ask for your specific zip code on their model specific lease thread.

Also, 7% pre-incentive has a ton of room for improvement.

And you have $0 in dealer fees on your calculator. Need the correct info.

This was my initial “set-up” will research some more. Thanks

On the pictures I attached it said dealer fees: $0
I k ew it was too good to be true, I’ll find out that about dealer fees

Since you do not have a deal sheet from a dealer, please keep in mind that you need to make sure whatever dealer it is, is willing to do the deal at the base rate MF in order for msd’s to line up where you need them to be. Just something to watch out for.

Thanks for the knowledge…I’ve read on the forum to not reach out to the dealership unless I’ve worked my numbers

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Sent u a pm

Ignore everything from except for the RV/MF/incentives you get from their forum

so only useful info from Edmunds is RV/incentives/MF?

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I’m definitely the one that preaches that the most, so I appreciate you taking notice.

There will come a point where you’ll need to get a better idea of fees, and that will require talking to a dealer, but you can get 99% of the way there by looking at other deals from your same area to get a good idea of local fees/gov costs. Then, when you get the info from the dealer, you’ll know if they’re in the right ball park or if there are hidden fees being included. That’s why you always want the info first before talking to the dealers.

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As a rule of thumb, yes. Their calculator isn’t particular good and the rest of the stuff in their website generally provides very generic data that isn’t always applicable. When you request RV/MF/incentives, they’re pulling from the bank database for your personal situation as far as vehicle/trim/lease terms/region.

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Thanks for this useful information. as you guys can tell it’s a learning curve

No worries. It takes time

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