[PENDING SALE!] LAST ONE! DIESEL WAGON New BMW 328d xDrive Wagon $254/month + tax and Inception fees (includes loyalty) 10k/24mo

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Convenience package
Heated Seats
Heated Wheel
Blind Spot monitoring
No Nav

**Year, Make, Model, and Trim: BMW 328d xDrive wagon (DIESEL ENGINE)
**Monthly Payment: 254 +tax
**Drive-Off Amount: 1st mont, doc, bank, reg
**Annual Mileage:10k
**Available Incentives: $1000 loyalty included, +$43/month if no loyalty
**Region:tri state
**Leasehackr Score: 15.4
**Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:


If it’s brown post it on Jalopnik and it will be gone in a matter of minutes. Brown diesel wagon with no nav = Jalop heaven.


Great deal on this car

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this is the strangest thing I’ve heard all day haha

Jalopnik is the king of putting unique german cars that have a bizarre set of color schemes and options on a pedestal.

Think 2007 BMW 328i Sport Wagon with a 6spd, nav, no xenons, in gold.


oh that’s my ride! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m kind of digging this deal.

Possible to waive the acq fee upfront and bump the MF?

Can you take a west coast OL lunar new year code?

sure! it saves 5-6 bucks !

Lunar code will reject, ask me how I know…

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Understood on the Lunar code.

Any more info on the spec?
What Line is it?(luxury, sport, etc…)

I’m good with the no NAV even though the smaller screen .
Apple CarPlay(fingers crossed)?
Heated Wheel?

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I’d say “Shut up and take my money”… but my current lease isn’t due until November.

Anyway, neat car and nice deal. Good luck with the sale!

Pmd. Located in Westchester

no nav = no carplay

Programmable tho?
With coding

Nope. Found out I can’t get my wife’s done without at least nav.

Thanks @Qbrozen

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still available

Now, for a limited time, FREE magnetic phone vent holder with car purchase!! ACT NOW!
(for those looking for apple car play):rofl:

buyer pays for shipping and handling of $6.95


Insert “Why doesn’t BMW offer Carplay Standard when Chevy does” obligatory bitch and whine here

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Beach and wine

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It’s true, though…