Pending: NY/NJ: 2017 RX 450h for $427/mo, 9 months/9k miles remaining, one-pay

UPDATE: Transfer pending.

Car is in Chappaqua NY but spends summer weekends in Oceanport NJ.

I picked this car up on a one-pay lease in 2017. It’s a great car, but I’m just dying to get a Tesla. Lease ends May 15, 2020. I paid $17,400 for the lease all-in, but about $2k of that was tax and registration, so the lease works out to about $427/mo. I originally went for a 10k/yr lease but I’m under on my miles, so whoever takes it over will get about 9k miles total / 1k miles per month (odometer currently reads 20,500 and change).

Since this is a one-pay, and transfer fees appear to be quite low at $200, we’ll just say $4k all-in for the 9 months. No major damage to speak of, though there is some curb rash on a couple of the wheels- I don’t know if it rises to the level of chargeable but I’m willing to draft/sign an agreement to cover the repair cost on turn-in of any pre-existing damage (we’ll just take high-res photos when we swap and use those when the time comes).

I’ll post up some pics tomorrow after I have time to take out the car seats, but it is a white exterior, tan interior, with the big wheels. Also comes with two sets of Lexus floor mats- rubber and fabric. It has the big navigation screen, adaptive cruise, and has app-based remote start though the annual subscription is about to expire.

Hi, what would be the buyout price at the end of the lease?

The residual value is 34,917. Thanks.

pls call at 7329104495

Currently working with another member who is interested, but I will call you if that doesn’t work out. Thanks!

Updated: This is pending transfer; will update when completed.

PM a mod to re-open if needed.