PENDING [Lease Transfer]- 2017 Lexus CT200h ($343 base monthly before incentive, $252+ tax after $1,000 incentive)

Update 5/2- Currently pending transfer
Hi all,
I’m looking to transfer my 2017 Lexus CT200h with just under 15,000 miles currently. Lease end is May 25, 2020. Miles allowed at end of lease is 30,xxx. Which means there are around 1,13xx miles per month left. Original MSRP was $34,669.

The car is currently registered in Utah. My company has relocated me to Long Beach, California and I can not justify having two cars due to my constant travel schedule.

I am offering a $1,000 incentive. Use this to cover Lexus transfer fee, registration fee for California, payments, whichever. I am willing to bring it back to Utah for a new owner.

Base monthly payment is $343 and some change, plus your local tax. Monthly payment after $1,000 incentive would be ~$91 (11 payments remaining) less, making it $252 before tax.


Current buyout $23,204.80. End of term $18,027.88

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I’m interested in this. Have been looking for a hybrid that isn’t a Prius. How much is the Lexus transfer fee and how long does it take from application to possession?

Also, total newb question… is this a plug in, how does that work for the Hybrid?

That is a Prius, only with worse fuel economy.


Looks a lot better IMO.

But at what cost? Literally robs you 10 mpg comparing to its sister model. Agree it looks a bit better and the price is decent.

When you’re coming from an SUV and don’t want to drive a Prius, that stuff is minor. This seems like a solid deal on a short term lease…

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If you can get a Prius at either monthly, then I would agree. I really felt like that model year was better looking, like he said, which is why I went with it rather than a different hybrid.

It’s a pretty good deal with a low buyout option. I’m sure given the time someone would bite. Definatly the best color combo.

Thank you!

not a plug in jsut regen braking

I replied via pm to you, but in case others have the same question:
It is not a plug in hybrid, it’s just like a Prius (the battery is recharged by braking).
As far as I know, the transfer fee is $200 and can take roughly a month depending on how fast you fill out forms.

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Replied to your PM, thanks.

Bump. Want to give it a good ol try before going to SAL. About to pay another months as well, bringing down the effective payment.

Just post it on SAL. Honestly it’s such an undesirable car I really don’t think you’ll get any interest on the forum

Hi. I wanted to ask what is SAL? I am new to this site and am looking to take over a lease or a loaner special, and thought there might be a better place to look. Thank you!


Did you end up leasing this car?

Not sure if you’re asking me, but paperwork has been sent out for a potential transfer.