Pending: 2020 M340ix $624/month


It’s almost exactly that. Becuase BMW rebates are generally issued from BMWFS to the customer, as opposed to the dealer and not passed on to the customer directly per se, they are taxed in NY. What are the $4,000 in rebates? Lease, loyalty, and college grad? Now that I’m looking more closely, there is no acq. fee on the sheet at all, which means that it could be additional money due at signing on the quote you were given. That’s a little trick some dealers use to make the monthly seem lower.

I rarely see acquisition fee listed on lease sheets like these.

Really? The dealers Chris and I use definitely itemize them. This is just one of them. The “total purchase” is net of discounts and incentives, plus the mileage charge on a loaner. The tax is stated separately, and the “non-tax fees” are the $925 acq, $150 for the doc fee, and $213 for registration, tire fees and taxes, and the other few dollars that are the registration miscellany.


Yah, a lot of the deal sheets like this are actually a lease quote and a purchase quote, so the lease numbers on the left are inclusive of acquisition, but the numbers on the right include things like purchase sales tax.

Either way, there’s no sign that this deal sheet is including any NY sales tax, other than what appears to be the tax on the rebate.

$300 for a runner is high! Most dealers I know of charge $150 or so, at the most. In PA, I’m surprised they would charge so much for NY, unless it’s because of the DMV shutdown. I didn’t even have to pay for a runner in NJ to register in NY.

Pretty standard here, I think. There was someone who asked about it last year, maybe through PM.

Acq. Fee is included in the non tax section
$4000 rebate is loyalty, lease cash, and grad.

All those fees (registration, rebate, acq. fee, etc.) should be the non tax fees, if I’m not mistaken.

Your non tax section is $598.

The acquisition fee for bmw is $925.

$598<<$925 + other fees

Im working with @BMWDavid, maybe he could shed some lights on the fees. This is all new to me so I’m trying to understand this myself.

But I must say, @BMWDavid been very helpful and is an amazing salesmen.

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man I still can’t figure how these numbers add up to the monthly payment on the left side, I been playing with the LH calculator

The if you take the $55,755 and subtract out the doc fee, tax on the rebates, and non tax fee, you’re left with $925 more than $53578.55

Yea I’m new here and these numbers throw me for a loop every time.