PENDING 2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD PRO-22Mo, 23750 Miles Remain-$496/Month + Tax & 2000 Payment To Me

Transfer Process through TFS can take up to 60 days

Basically brand new 2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro!

Only 250 miles
24 months/12k miles per year

22 months left/23750 Miles Left

Residual is 36680

$496/Month Pre Tax (Add Tax for Whichever State you Reside)

If your tax is 7%, multiply $496 x 1.07 for a total payment of $530.72

$2000 payment to me which includes Toyota Financial Transfer Fee

GAP Insurance Included from TFS

Even with the payment to me, this is about $200/month cheaper than what these go for on the west coast (I have verified) Even used ones are over $50K

I had debated a 36 or 24. With the aggressive tires, a 24 seemed like a better choice for a few dollars more monthly.

That is an awesome looking SUV. These hold their values better than just about any other car or truck. I tried to buy one a few months ago and the dealers in the midwest would not budge. Couldn’t get anything off MSRP. Good luck with the transfer.

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Thank you, sir! I really appreciate it!

Dealer buyout is $43060. There is money to be made here!

Tired of it already?


Intent was to snag it cheap and transfer

Passing on a killer deal to someone :slight_smile:


Discounts are minimum in florida. But there are 52 new ones within 200 miles of me. Wonder if there will be deals to be had eventually!

I honestly don’t think so.

They’re really never discounted more than a couple hundred.

I knew this was the plan @Bostoncarconcierge I’m just shocked you only drove it 250 miles in 1-2 months.

I guess it’s no JagWag

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So far only 100 miles :slight_smile:

Just leaving myself some breathing room.

Well you could deliver it by driving to Alaska with all those miles.

Honestly that’s a great trip in that rig. Find someone who wants to swap it from AK and trek across northern Canada to deliver it.

Perfect TRD PRO route. DO IT!

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Maybe in my younger days :slight_smile:

Hoping some Cali native or Pacific Northwesterner can snag it and do just that.

Beautiful car but are we really calling a down payment an incentive now haha? The title / payment details are a bit confusing. To confirm, it’s $3k down and $496 + tax (so around $530 @ 7.75%).


Hey There!

That’s totally fair and I’ll change it. To be honest, I meant it as an incentive payment to me, which is why I used the term.

Certainly wasn’t trying to make it sound misleading.

Also, I broke down the math a few times and agree with yours, with the difference being the tax for whichever state.


In any given region if you can find one of these there gone within days of popping up. Local dealer I spoke to said he has never leased a 4 Runner TRD Pro they are spoken for long before he can put a lease deal together. Same with Trd Tacoma’s in my region, used and new are spoken for pretty quickly.

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New photos added!

Hey Admins,
Sorry I just realized this can’t transfer the first 60 days. So we can close and I’ll reopen on 7/21.
Will enjoy it until then!

PM one of the trusted hackrs to reopen when it’s time to transfer.

@Bostoncarconcierge is this still up for grabs? If so, message me I’m interested.