[pending] 2019 BMW 530e HOV MSRP $59100, $500+tax, $1000DAS,

Black Dakota leather
Driving assist plus, (lane keep + adaptive cruise control)
M steering wheel

DAS $1000, buyer pays $500 transfer fee
Monthly: ~500+tax

Eligible for $1000 SCE rebate or $800 PG&E rebate.
Eligible for HOV sticker as well.

Current mile: 530
Total allowed: 30,078, 10k 36mo
Lease end: June 2022

Wow, after only 500 miles? tell us why. I’m looking into picking up a 530e next year and want to know if there is something unexpected in the day to day operation of this car.

Car is great. Driving assist plus works like a charm on 405. Wife doesn’t like the seating position. She still prefers SUV.

let me know if you’re willing to up the incentive if you can’t move it – new ones can be had for around this price that are then eligible for CCA and CVRP – total of $2500 in additional incentives for new vehicle + the ones you mentioned.