[PENDING] 2018 M3 CS $829.74 tax included [Cleveland, Ohio]

Love the car, definitely a league above regular M3. However, want to try something else now and can’t keep this one, unfortunately.

Transferring my Alpine White M3 CS.
$0 down $0 security deposit, just pay $500 BMW transfer fee
Payment: $829.74 tax included
Payments left: 18
Miles left: ~15,800 out of 20,000 (~831 miles per month)
Located in Cleveland, Ohio.
Note: if you’re not from Ohio, you may or may not pay additional tax. It depends on your state. I know most states do not recognize tax paid to another state so you’ll have to pay again. However, for example, NJ does recognize tax paid to another state so you won’t have to pay any. Obviously if you’re from Ohio you won’t have to pay any as well.

  • if you’re from CA, you will have to pay additional tax on top of $829.74
  • if you’re from NJ, your payment will stay at $829.74 because NJ
    recognizes the tax paid to other states
  • if you’re from TN, your payment will stay at $829.74 because TN recognizes the tax paid to other states

This should go fast, like 10 minutes ago fast. Thumbs up for an amazing deal!


Awesome deal with 0 down, unlike the people on swapalease who are at the same monthly asking for 3k+ down.


Of course, there have to be…
If this was in …, I would be all over it

  • bonus points that you did not do MSD

It’s legitimate. Say what you want, but it’s true.

Wrap it in any color you want :wink:

Did you get this from bmw of westmont?

also fantastic deal i sent this out to all my car connects

these are great cars … I have one and it is a blast to drive and actually is softer to drive than M3 Competition which is a plus as people including myself assumed the opposite because it is more track focused … the power delivery is great
also lease transfer with BMW is fairly easy

Great car!!

I did a search of the forums but couldn’t find an answer. Does Texas recognize Ohio taxes?

AFAIK no they do not.

Same here. In Texas. Wonder what transfer process will look like.

Hey, just PM’d you.

Yes sir. And thank you.

I love it way way more than regular/comp M3


Your best bet guys is to call BMW FS and confirm.

I think 99% of the states don’t recognize tax paid to be honest, that’s the only part of these lease transfers that hurts. but then again you can’t get this car for that monthly anymore so :man_shrugging:

You can’t get this car for any monthly anymore :wink:


Can you guys explain this further are we talking tax on incentives? On states that bill taxes monthly what taxes would there be to pay?

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so I’ll give you some examples

if you transfer from a state that does taxes on monthly like nj to Texas you would pay full taxes or something along the lines of that.

if you transfer from nj to a state like delaware which charges taxes on monthly and on sales price you pay a transfer fee equivalent to 4.25% and your monthly payment goes up via usage tax.

On monthly tax states you have base payment and your monthly payment goes up or down depending on if the new state has a higher or lower tax on monthly.

I only have experience going from nj to de and nj to pa. There’s different rules for every state so depends on your state really.

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Ok so a vast majority of states charge tax on the monthly payment. If you transfer from one of those states to another with the same tax rules there will not be an issue. Correct?

yes, I have heard some states charge transfer fees so just call the DMV and ask but yeah shouldn’t change too drastically,just thank god ur not in Texas or de where they bend you over.

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