[Pending] 2018 BMW M3 White - $74k MSRP $635/Month.= MSD/Transfer Fee

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Pending in Stage 2. …


Good deal for an m3. Should move w photos!

Messaged !

Give me a few min for photos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I had to do them from my phone. The car is dirty as I have only hand washed it and it is too cold to do that now.

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You know all of us have no patience for good deals!


This is true. I am part of the problem.

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This car is sweet. I’m interested!!! More pics!!!

Great deal!

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This is one of the few private lease transfers posted here I’d consider. Great deal.

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What part of the car?

The tires. So he can kick them.


Man this is a good deal. I’m in NJ and would jump on this but ultimately want a manual M3.

This should go quick … good luck man

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Nice deal and most importantly, great music selection with your satellite radio.

Does the $500 DAS mean the transfer fee? Or are you asking for $500 to you on top of the transfer fee? You may also want to clarify how much the prorated tax amount actually is.

Either way nice deal for someone. Good luck!

I read it as $500 cash to seller + $500 transfer fee and $4550 in MSDs

Total of $5550 w $4550 refundable at lease end

Same. But also seems prorated NJ tax is also due up front?

This is correct, 1000 plus MSD plus the 500 transfer fee. Tax included in NJ, other states up to your DMV.


Just want to answer some common questions I am getting.
I am firm on the price and not desperate to transfer. I just want the garage space for something new. There is nothing wrong with the car, it was a demo when I got it so I got a good deal. I had the 1200 mile service performed right at delivery.
In NJ you will reimburse me for tax, any other state BMW or your DMV will figure it out for you. I don’t control taxes, take it up with your legislators.

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Great deal. Is this gone already?

Still here, I didn’t think MSDs put off people this much.

Does it include the paper covering the license plate? Your phone can help you with that my dude.

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