Payoff my GLE350

ok, I have one year to finish my lease and on true car I see that the same GLE350 cost around 55k or so, right now I can payoff my GLE350 for 46k and 1 year lease is still in the future.

But on the Mercedes Benz financial site it says:

Customers in Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia: Please be advised that this quote is for informational purposes only. Please contact your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer if you would like to purchase your leased vehicle.

So what’s should be my steps do not loose money again?

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What are you trying to accomplish - do you want to buy the car to keep it, or are you looking to sell it to cash out any equity?

Also the TrueCar numbers you are seeing - are those retail asking prices? If so, that is not what you’ll get for your car.


The values that you are seeing now may not be reflective of what this car will be worth at lease end. If you’re not looking to cash out the equity I would just wait and see what the market value of the car is closer to the end of the lease. If you’re still ahead of the game, then go ahead and buy it then. It sounds like you have to have a Mercedes dealer facilitate the buyout in those states listed. Just be careful and don’t let them charge a bunch of junk fees for the privilege of doing so.

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You tagged CA in the title, yet it’s not in the text you quoted. What’s your question really?


I am trying to buy the car.

If you are simply trying to buy out the car, then why are you worried about losing money and losing money “again?” The buyout is a specified amount.

Any suggestion how to avoid additional charges?

What state are you in?

Califronia, I think that I posted the tag

What are you trying to accomplish by buying it one year early?

This isn’t relevant to you as a California resident.


It sounds like you would be able to do it directly through Mercedes Benz Financial instead of a dealer, so you shouldn’t have any issues there if you’re in California. If you’re just looking to buy the car and keep it there’s really no benefit in doing that now though. If you wait the year you will have a better picture of what the value of the car really is. If prices plummet between now and then you will avoid being underwater. If you get into an accident between now and then you can walk away from the car and not worry about diminished value. I suppose an argument could be made if you were getting a really great rate and were concerned about interest rates continuing to rise a year from now? Used cars are currently at an unusual premium so that why prices are so high. They won’t stay like that forever.


You did post the CA tag, but then you posted a restriction with a list of states that CA isnt included in, so the presumption was that you must be in one of thosenstates if youre worried about how that restriction effects you.

What additional charges are you hoping to avoid?

again? Just send MB a check and you will see the title in the mail soon.

Hadn’t checked the OP’s activity history.

OP, are you hoping to buy the car and then sell it at a profit?

No, just save the car for myself

Close the question, there is no California in restrictions, my bad reading