Passport BMW Loaners

Hello Everyone,

We are trying something new due to all of the loaner interest that’s generated through this forum. This is a list of all our current loaners, some have sold since creating this list and more will be added as new vehicles are retired from our loaner fleet.

This list will provide lease numbers for our entire loaner inventory. Leases are structured around 10k miles per year for both 36 and 24-month leases (both are listed). These numbers assume taxes, tags, and first month’s payment due at signing (we receive so many out of state inquiries it is more efficient to post numbers with this structure). Money factor being used is .00196 and may change contingent upon your credit.

If you are interested in one of these vehicles please contact either myself, (Daniel Rose), or Max Manes. Our email addresses can be found below along with a link to our in-stock loaner vehicles.

In your email please include:
Vehicle stock number
Your zip code and county
Whether or not you currently have a BMW in the household
Let us know if you have graduated from an undergrad or masters program within the last two years


You should register as a dealer, bro, if you haven’t already…

Closed until you register as a dealer. This should be posted in Marketplace, btw.