Parking on an Uneven Surface

Is it okay to park my 1986 SL on my driveway which is not exactly flat? Basically 1 wheel is lower than the rest?

Hey fendifish,

Good question! In short, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Yes, parking on an uneven surface will stress your car’s chassis, causing it to flex ever so slightly. Over time, severe chassis flex may cause problems like squeaks and rattles, and even potentially rust, if body parts are rubbing against each other causing paint to chip off.

That said, these are scenarios that engineers already account for. A 1986 Mercedes SL has a tremendous amount of suspension travel. There won’t be much stress on the chassis, unless one of the wheels are off the ground or something.

Stick to the streets – leave the off-roading to a 4x4 – and you’ll be fine.