Paid cash for car but title application has bank as name of Secured party

Purchased a Rav4 over the weekend and ended up paying cash for it because the dealer was for some reason not able to offer me the 1.9% financing available through Toyota. They were giving me a 5.75% rate through Wells Fargo even with tier 1 credit. I was kind of going back and forth on financing anyways so this helped me make up my mind and I just did cash. But I just noticed the title application has Wells Fargo still listed on it as the Secured Party. Does this mean that it will have a lien on the title and do I need to contact them to correct this? Obviously there is no account opened with Wells Fargo so maybe there wont actually be an issue. Not the best dealer experience and they’re an hour away so really hoping I don’t need to go back.

call them and fix it FAST, otherwise it won’t be in WF system and they won’t know how to release it.