Pacifica or Odyssey Minivan

I am looking for a Chrysler Pacifica (touring or higher) or a Honda Odyssey (EX or higher) for less than $200/mo. with $0 down.

I think that should be possible with the Pacifica with a combination of dealer price reduction and corporate incentives, but unfortunately probably not the for the Odyssey.

I’m curious if anyone has seen a deal that low or if any dealers that monitor this forum would do that.

Need at least 10k miles for whatever lease term gets the best price (probably 36).

Want to lease within 12 months, preferably sooner, and will do so as soon the right deal comes along. Live in Indiana, but willing to drive a fair distance to pick it up.

I am not sure if that deal is possible. It is a new car so not sure if discounts are that big.

Yeah, I haven’t seen any advertised deals that good yet, but I think it’s possible in the next year. I may be wrong, but I’ve seen even better deals posted on this forum so I thought it was worth a shot.

Pacifica touring ad I received is $189 for 36 months. Just bank 1st month doc fee

I guess i was wrong? What dealership. That is a very good deal in my opinion.

Thanks! What dealership? Where did you see the ad? Is there a link to it?

Wow, for $200/month, $0 down, It’d be tough leasing a small sedan for that price, let alone a minivan.

I got it in my email that they blast out like twice a month. I’ll drop a photo of the AD here.

Lol 5k miles a year.

What would be the payment for 1k miles a year? 120? What if I just want it to sit in my driveway?

LOL, I didn’t know leases for less than 10k miles a year existed!

A minivan lease (something you probably want to road trip in) with a lease mileage limit that makes taking road trips unfeasible. Lol indeed.

If you plan to buy the thing out at the end of the lease, the 5k mileage cap is meaningless. Also, this is one step up from the base model and the only real upgrade is the power sliding doors. You have to move to the Touring L to get any substantial upgrades.

Not planning to buy out at the end of lease. Touring also allows you to upgrade to 8 seats and to get Uconnect 8.1. The only thing missing that I’d like is the ‘superconsole’.

Buying the thing at the end of the lease doesn’t mean you have to keep it. If the residual is accurate you could “buy it” and trade it in and then get something new. You do run a risk though the the calculated residual is higher than the value of minivan then you’d lose money trading it. Sometimes the opposite happens and you could make money trading it in.

I’m waiting for the Plug-in hybrid, which is expected to be priced close to the Platinum, but it has the $7,500 federal rebate, making it net around the $36k mark (MSRP)

Interested in that model also. I’m guessing, like most hybrids, that the residual will be garbage though, making a lease challenging…

Unless they’re giving you the $7,500 rebate, which they by no means have to, I wouldn’t lease the plug-in hybrid.

The residual will be inflated pretty high for only 5k miles per year. That dealer seems to have their own financing company, so they have more options to twist things in their favor.