PA Lease Buy Out - has to be done at a dealer?

I’m getting ready to send VW Finance a check for our Residual Value to buy-out our ending lease. They don’t charge any fees on top of the RV, but interestingly don’t collect PA Sales Tax.

I’m trying to figure out how long I have after sending them the check and receiving the title to get to a DMV and pay the tax. Is there a 30 day period or something similar.

Note a dealership won’t be involved in this transaction. (I posted a separate question earlier today about the fees and higher prices they quoted me.) I’ve obtained 3rd party financing to send the check direct to VW Finance in the amount they requested.

I assume after I receive the Title from VW in the mail, I take that to the DMV or John Yurconic Agency to pay the state their cut. I’m sure someone here in PA has done this before, but neither the DMV nor the John Yurconic Agency could give me a clear answer on how long I have to do this.

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