Owner's guide or manual

just got a 2019 honda accord sport sedan and its owner’s guide and owner’s manual…in either case, guide or manual, the booklet is generic for all accord sedans…i.e., they have ALL the features of every type of accord sedan and don’t specifiy which features are on the sport sedan, which is what i want to know…how do i find out?

Read it. All manufacturers do general owners manuals like that. They add in all features as if it’s loaded, and place disclaimers where an optional feature is concerned. There’s no such thing as an owners manual built for your specific option set.

All you got was a simplified quick start guide. The actual full owners manual will specify which trims have what features. What specific features are you referring to?

Download full manual here: https://owners.honda.com/vehicle-information/information/2019/Accord%20Sedan/manuals

You can order a hard copy of the full manual here, free within first 6mos: https://owners.honda.com/manualrequest/2019/Accord%20Sedan

It’s the largest owners manual I’ve ever had.

i already have the 727-page owner’s manual…where in this giant book is it specified which trims have what features?