Overpaid fees at lease sign, waiting on refund?

So I signed a lease for a 19 330i around a month ago, turns out my salesperson calculated the fees due at signing wrong and also didn’t count my deposit towards the final cost. I talked to him and he stated that it would be a 1-2 weeks after the deal is processed for the refund check to be sent. I called the sales manager and left him a message, no reply yet. Should I contact BMW Corporate?

I believe those refunds come straight from the dealership and not BMW.

they hacked you.


Right, but I’m sure that corporate can speed things up somewhat?

Hahaha how the tables have turned. Granted since the deposit was paid with a CC, if the dealership doesn’t respond, I could just issue a chargeback.

That will work

What does the contract you signed say?

Give them 30-45 days to correct, if you’re in a hurry talk to the business manager. They usually handle these items at dealers. If they don’t have a business manager, talk to the GM or Finance Manager.

Just got the check in the mail today, took them a while but everything worked out in the end. Thanks guys.

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