Over sand lease

Hi everyone! Looking to lease a mid-large size SUV that can handle going on the beach. Nissan Pathfinder is the front runner as it’s the only one midsize/in our budget that’s truly 4 wheel drive. The MSRP on the one we’re looking at is $44,000. Couple questions: what would be a fair money down, money per month deal? Also: we need 20,000 mi a year, should I walk in w that request or work out numbers on 15k then factor 15cents a mile after and add that to that additional monthly amount (in the lease contract). I understand most places charge 20-25 cents a mile if not built in. I ask bc it seems monthly payments are double what I expect when I throw out the 20k need, when at 15 cents a mile it’s only $125 more each month. Thanks for your help!! Also this is in mass.

The amount you’re going to increase going from 15k to 20k miles is going to vary by manufacture/vehicle.

What does your budget look like?

The current Pathfinder rides on the same platform as the Altima. I would look at a Toyota 4Runner.

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U sure you can even get on the beach? The plovers are still nesting and was a rough winter with a lot of erosion. https://www.capecod.com/newscenter/chatham-orv-access-closed/

If you’d like a 4runner in ma, based on your questions, I think I can help you a ton and save you a lot of money, time, and research.

Other cars too of course but the 4runner is a terrific option

Yes the plovers have been an issue for some years but we were already on the beach this year w our F-150. We don’t want to put more than $2500 down, and I would love to stay in the under $500/mo for 20,000 miles. We did look at the 4Runner but the 3rd row is really tight, and they seemed to lease high (higher monthly - 594 36 mo - compared to a highlander - 490 - even though the highlander was almost $4,000 more MSRP).

Granted those are pre-negotiation numbers. Also, thank you for your help!


I’d recommend a broker if those were your numbers…

How does the broker thing work?

You can get a Subaru Ascent Limited with the similar sticker.

Most charge a flat fee, 300-500 to negotiate on your behalf and get you a great deal. Then set the deal up.

Good to know, thank you.

I think you need to do more research. The Pathfinder is not nearly true 4WD.

If the argument is that basically any AWD softroader can get you on and off the beach, that’s a different argument

Money down is bad idea. Money in security deposits is a good idea.


Ascents probably need get towed on the sand

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OP will need something with a true 4WD system. Crossovers won’t fit the bill here. Especially not lumbering 3-row ones that are underpowered.

4Runner, Nissan Armada, hell even the Grand Cherokee would be better (I know it’s unibody and not body on frame).

OP, have you looked at the Passport or do you NEED a third row?

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Incoming Hot Take: Just get two Isuzu Vehicrosses (Vehicrossi?) and call it a day. Room for 8 combined, Torque on demand 4wd, they are so cheap that you can hoon the hell out of them on the beach and not feel guilty about it either. Plus they are just plain cool.

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Hey @annkai2 I actually grew up in Green Harbor and am very familiar with Duxbury beach. The Highlander and 4Runners are both great options that you’ll be able navigate that area with. Toyota’s also have some great lease options along with free maintenance for 2 years. Would love to give you some info/research to help. Those numbers look high to me as well. If you’re on the south shore those stores don’t budge much price wise. @Bostoncarconcierge is right about a good broker being able to find you the numbers you’re aiming for on those trucks.

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