Over Mileage on lease

My friend has 2017 Dodge Durango and 15k miles over. Any Suggestion Thank you

Time for your friend to open his wallet.

Read this: https://leasehackr.com/blog/2019/6/9/leasehacking-101-how-to-end-a-lease-early and compare the cost of other disposal options vs turning it in and paying the over mileage penalty.

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Contact the likes of Caravan, Vroom, Shift, ALGO…hell even CarMax. See what offers are out there.


Depending on what residual is consider buying it and selling it if the overage is a ton.

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This has been discussed a million times. Read the article posted by @mllcb42 and find the least expensive option.

Or, you know, your friend could do that for himself if he cared.