Out of state lease tips

I am based in NY and am working with dealers in NJ and CT. Once I have a deal negotiated over the phone. What precautions can I take before I move the trip to sign and pick up the car? I am afraid they will try to change terms on me when I walk into the store.

Can I sign papers over email? Have folks had lick with this approach? Are many dealers open to this?

Just have them email a manager signed buyers order before going to the dealer. What are you looking at getting?

Had this happen to me when I got a car in NY I’m in a Nj they increased the monthly by 20 dollars they said due to taxes, I said nope it’s what we discussed or I’m walking out they then further discounted the sales price to get me to that price

Good idea is that the standard terminology for it? I’m working on a Kia Sorento lease.

That’s the kind of thing I am afraid of. Would love to have all paperwork done before hand and go there just to pickup the car. Has anyone pulled that if before?