Out of state lease - Fla to NY

I noticed that Volvo XC60 leases seem to be better in Fla. Can one lease out of state?
How would one turn in of the previous Volvo work.?
$2000 up front, $448 was the NY offer. 10K/36mo.
Bottom of the line T5.
I don’t more particulars on it.

Post all the numbers you got. “Bottom of the line T5” doesn’t help at all. Get MF/RV from Edmunds.

I would NEVER lease a car, especially a Volvo, in Florida and send it to NY. Dealers in the tri-state area are much more competitive. Plus the doc fee in NY is $75; NJ would be $400 - $600, depending on the dealership. Florida dealers have doc fees of $1,000 - $1,100, and their deals are beyond awful. Why pay at least $400 more plus shipping, let alone a worse discount?

Additionally, most of the times I’ve looked at numbers, incentives are higher in the northeast than they are in Florida.

Needless to say, I bought my parents’ Volvo in Connecticut and shipped it to Florida.

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I guess that answers that.
Though in my area, LI, they are not competitive from what I’ve experienced.
For my 2018 S90 T5, NMD, the 4 or 5 in the area were within $100 of each other over the course of the lease.

About as competitive as the Super Bowl.

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I bought my 2017 S60 at a Long Island dealership, and it was very competitive, within weeks of the 2017s hitting the lots in September 2016, too.

Can’t generalize a much larger area based on a relatively tiny island … Island being the operative word here, since dealers treat their customers as a captive audience and apparently enough customers oblige them

Did you look through the Marketplace for northeast deals?

no, but I will now.

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