Out of state car leasing in Seattle

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I am a WA resident from Greater Seattle area. I have driven a couple cars but finally decided upon leasing a BMW 330i xDrive (2020/2021).

I noticed in talking to some dealerships around here and found they are pretty tough to work with I when it comes to negotiations plus reading posts by other folks it looks like it’s widely held sentiment.

So I came across posts suggesting to get a car from Oregon (BMW of Portland or Kuni BMW). I am not familiar with out of state leasing and how does it work. I understand there might be some fees involved if shipping which I am open to as long as I am getting a good deal. What should I be aware of and prepared for this scenario as compared to leasing locally and in person. I am looking to lease a car as soon as I find a good deal so any suggestions/feedback will be most appreciated.

Edit: also wanted to ask about how would a car insurance work in leasing. Do I show I already have an insurance or can I get an insurance after getting the car.

It works just like leasing in your own state. Dealers know how to charge the appropriate tax and send the documents to your state.

Yes, you will need at least some form of insurance. I know in Texas an existing insurance policy will cover a new car for 10 days gratis. Call your insurance company and ask.

I almost always know the vin before I take delivery and add the car to my policy right around pickup time. My agent already has the info, I just tell him to go.

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Oh and if you ship a car, that expense is on you. I would drive/fly anywhere up to 12 hours away to pick up a car. If the return trip is 2 days or something, then no, I’ll ship it.

Although I’ve shipped plenty of cars from Dallas to Houston when I used to pick them up off eBay… it’s fine.

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Buying in Oregon is super simple and both of those dealers will handle your tax and registration. Plates will be mailed to you. They do it all the time and I’ve done it before - the experience will be nearly identical to buying in WA. You can either take a short flight down to Portland and drive back (would recommend) or arrange a carrier for a few hundred bucks.


Thanks for the information super helpful. Thanks guys. I will post more questions as I do more research. As you can probably tell super newbie here. :crazy_face:

Keep researching so you don’t overpay

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Hello fellow Seattle area resident!

I echo the sentiment around negotiating around here. Tried negotiating with Seattle and Bellevue in the last few weeks, couldn’t even get the advertised BMW national offers :laughing:

As for out of state, dealers in Oregon will most likely all work with you and make it easy. I’ve contacted a few and all were okay with out of state. Of course, still good to let them know from the start so you don’t potentially waste time.

Good luck!

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Did you end up getting a car at the end? If so how was your experience and if you know someone whom I can contact in Oregon that’ll be nice.

I leased before from Portland and everything was handled through mail, then took the train down to Portland and picked up the car. Super easy. Insurance works the same just let your agent or company know that’s a lease, you can do it after you get the car.

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I also leased from Portland BMW a couple of years back. Super simple. Took a bus down after negotiating over email, test drove, signed paperwork, and drove back up.

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