Other “flip-able” leases while waiting on a 4xe

In the last (6) months we have sold a Tacoma and AWD Sienna that we have purchased at MSRP for a decent profit. Also currently driving a Tacoma and Sienna purchased at MSRP.

We currently have a 4xe on order.

What other candidates hav been successful flips lately?

I know the Pacifica Hybrid.

Any other recommendations? Just bored until I get to play with the 4xe.

Your going to be limited to 3rd party buyout restrictions. Cash diff story.


If this was a guarantee then you’ll be competitive with many others. Better to try and find someone clueless on the value of their used car and buy that.

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A 392? But it’s pretty much the same time frame.
I don’t know if the Willy’s are getting any good prices as the 4xe is getting the 7500 benefit.

You mean leased at MSRP?

Yes. I enjoy the hunt to find the deal. The wait on the 4xe is going to be a few months. So thought I would try to flip something in the meantime.

I will drive the 4xe for a few months.

Keep an eye out for swapaleases from lenders that still allow 3rd party buyouts. Toyota, Lexus, Mazda (last time I looked it seems to change weekly)

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Hyundai Kona EV fits the bill. There is a 12,500 rebate on it so a 43K odd unit will be around 32K payoff and can be flipped for 36K odd pretty easily.

Auction MMR value is $38K for that unit. Depending on tax structure of the state above numbers can vary, I have it structured for NJ where there is no tax on EV.


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There are 0 within 300 miles of me.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I can get as many '21 Kona EV as you would want. If you are in NY metro area reach out to me.

While we’re on the topic, I have a 4xe on order as well and am considering having my wife get one for the purpose of flipping. It pretty much seems like a no brainer to do this? As long as the rebate sticks and 9% off msrp, how could there not be money to be made?

The first part of your statement answers the second part.


How does this work with the rebate? $12,500, from the manufacturer? Is this eligible for the federal tax credit too? I might do a cash buy. Located in NJ

How was the profit on sienna and what trim

Our first one was an XLE AWD sticker price was ~$43,500. We traded in a vehicle for $27,500 so we paid 6% sales tax on $16,000 ($960).

So total $44,460.

Sold to Carvana for $51,800.

We now have another XLE AWD with plus package and rear entertainment.


Not a lease but picked up a 22 tahoe Z71 for 63k and got an offer from CarMax at 74. Probably just going to buy another tahoe.

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I wanna know what putz is buying that car from Carmax for 75-80K used for them to make a ridiculous offer like that.

I’ll sell them any number of new ones for that. :rofl:

I’m wondering the same thing about CarMax, Vroom and everyone else. At some point this bubble’s going to burst and the new cars will go back to having discounts, but the used industry seems there’s a big bubble that’s going to pop. Not sure how much equity the dealers have in the used cars vs. banks but wondering if it will cause a minor ripple in the banking industry. Someone’s going to be left holding all these overpriced used cars and nobody’s going to buy them when supply returns to normal.

No. When you lease, the bank owns the car and claims the credit, hence the incentive applied to the sale price. The 12.5k does not apply to purchase. If you purchase, you pay full amount and then claim on your taxes. The lease is far better in this instance. BUT, HFS is a big PITA, so many buying services have stopped buying out their leases. My advice, if you want this car, is to take the lease and then buy it out yourself, wait for title, then sell it.

I’m hoping that it pops around October next year when my 530i lease is up!