Ordering a 2017 BMW X5, need some advice!

I am trying to order a 2017 X5, but want to do the track day pick in SC. Is there a similar discount for ED delivery? I am trying to negotiate the numbers now, but trying to gauge how much of a discount they give on X5’s. I appreciate any and all responses. Thanks

No discounts for PCD delivery.

So the assumption is that obviously there is no Delivery fee, so whats in it for the dealer?

I was going to do the PCD in 2014 on my X5 but the timing didn’t work out, as far as i remember there was 0 benefit (price wise) in doing so except the trip, I still believe there was a delivery (maybe worded differently) fee charged.

Wow, really? Never heard that.

I am not really sure how it went down I would ha e to look at the paperwork, you would get a more accurate answer on bimmerfest, it’s a great resource for all things BMW. Good luck.

Isn’t Destination charged regardless of where the car is delivered?

I was always told that they waive the fee when picking up at the factory.

Who told you that? Destination is charged regardless AFAIK. From a BMW dealer website:

"6. Does the $895 Destination and Handling Fee still apply to vehicles delivered at the BMW Performance Center?

Yes. This fee applies to all BMW models regardless of whether the vehicle is delivered at the selling BMW center or at the BMW Performance Center."

ED is 7% off MSRP. I’m not sure how how track day gives. Can anyone else also weight in if BMW offers additional discount above the base 7% for ED?

Hes not talking about ED, X5’s are build in US, you can pick them up from South Carolina but there is no discount whether you do so or get them from the dealer.

I understand, but I’m sure you can get that amount reduced off MSRP. I mean the incentive to the dealer is that it isn’t something sitting on the lot which they don’t have to pay on? I was just curious if they did give a discount like the ED. From what I gathered though is that the X5 leases better than Q5, and GL series…? I guess my follow up question is, and I have read through some of the other threads, what is an average discount off the X5, I know for MB that’s more than 12% easy…just trying to set this one up. Thanks to all who have answered, your knowledge is invaluable.

You do not get a specified discount like you do for ED. Performance center deliveries are awesome, we do a ton out of the dealer i work at since we are pretty close. @JLino if you need any further help let me know. I’m happy to work with out of state buyers.

Dealers tend to be a little more aggressive since it wont be sitting on our lot and they technically don’t do the “delivery” part.

Well of course, none of us here are paying MSRP. And we’d certainly want to negotiate more off MSRP than around 800-900 bucks. You will negotiate just like any other car deal. Just don’t go in assuming Dest is waived or using that as leverage.

I think Jason in Cincy answered your question on incentives to the dealer.

I can’t answer your question on X5 discounts directly, but remember there is no overarching discount formula for any brand. For MB, you will see C-class and E-class sedans go for different discounts than, say, a GLC or GLE.

@max_g thanks man! I appreciate the response. I totally understand. I am sure with more reading and I can get something done here soon. I may try and negoitate a vwgicle already on the lot if the feasibility dwindles down. Like i said you guys are awesome and glad to be amongst some great hackrs. Thanks again.